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Add tests for planet cookbook
[chef.git] / roles / planet.rb
2020-02-15 Tom HughesAdd tests for planet cookbook
2016-10-14 Tom HughesConfigure worker mpm parameters on ironbelly
2016-10-14 Tom HughesSwitch ironbelly to worker mpm
2016-10-12 Tom HughesIncrease AsyncRequestWorkerFactor for planet servers
2016-10-12 Tom HughesIncrease MinSpareThreads for planet servers
2016-10-12 Tom HughesRename MaxClients to MaxRequestWorkers
2016-09-26 Tom HughesAllow more spare threads on planet.osm.org
2016-09-25 Tom HughesAdd a per-IP connection limit on planet.osm.org
2016-05-12 Tom HughesCentralise definition of read/write and readonly databa...
2015-02-03 Tom HughesYet more rubucop cleanups
2013-07-31 Grant Slaterplanet: enable apache keepalive
2013-07-19 Tom HughesGive bretth chef access and admin access on ironbelly
2013-07-03 Tom HughesBring replication diffs under chef control
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository