2016-05-13 Tom HughesMove nominatim to UCL
2016-05-11 Tom HughesDrop locations from db aliases
2016-05-10 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for kessie
2016-05-09 Tom HughesAdd OOB addresses for Bytemark machines
2016-05-09 Tom HughesSet internal address for grisu
2016-05-09 Tom HughesFix names for thorn-04 and thorn-05
2016-05-09 Tom HughesAdd DNS entries for machines at Bytemark
2016-05-06 Tom HughesRevert "Point nominatim at pummelzacken"
2016-05-06 Tom HughesPoint nominatim at pummelzacken
2016-05-05 Grant SlaterSwitch agri grisu -> kessie
2016-05-05 Tom HughesReduce TTL for planet.openstreetmap.org
2016-05-03 Tom HughesAdd fafnir to DNS
2016-02-23 Tom HughesRemove fume from DNS and switch geodns to ridgeback
2016-02-12 Tom HughesRevert "Remove spike-01 from production"
2016-02-12 Grant SlaterRemove spike-01 from production
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterAdd agri.openstreetmap.org back
2016-01-26 Grant SlaterAdd sotm.org
2016-01-22 Tom HughesPoint nominatim at dulcy
2016-01-09 Tom HughesAdd cmok to tile caches
2016-01-08 Tom HughesAdd cmok to DNS
2015-12-20 Tom HughesAdd hardware.openstreetmsp.org to DNS
2015-12-16 Tom HughesAdd kessie to DNS
2015-12-09 Grant SlaterBest stable NS servers for geo.openstreetmap zone
2015-12-09 Grant SlaterSet shenron DNS back to default TTL
2015-12-06 Grant SlaterAdd openstreetmap.uk
2015-11-30 Tom HughesPoint 2016.stateofthemap.org at the new site
2015-11-26 Tom HughesAdd internal address for dulcy
2015-11-26 Tom HughesAdd dulcy to DNS
2015-11-19 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for gorynych
2015-10-23 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth limit for drogon
2015-10-14 Tom HughesAdd drogon to the tile cache pool
2015-10-12 Tom HughesAdd drogon to DNS
2015-10-01 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for grisu
2015-10-01 Tom HughesAdd external address for grisu
2015-10-01 Tom HughesReplace smaug with grisu
2015-08-13 Grant SlaterUpdate blogs address per request of Shaun
2015-07-24 Tom HughesAdd logstash.osm.org
2015-07-10 Grant SlaterAdd Google Postmaster Tools verification for Grant
2015-07-07 Tom HughesAdd join.osmfoundato=ion.org
2015-07-03 Tom HughesMove tile rendering to a 50/50 split between orm and...
2015-05-13 Tom HughesMove some load from orm to yevaud
2015-05-11 Tom HughesRevert "Move nominatim to poldi"
2015-05-11 Tom HughesMove nominatim to poldi
2015-04-19 Tom HughesRevert "Move nominatim to poldi"
2015-04-19 Tom HughesMove nominatim to poldi
2015-04-10 Tom HughesRevert "Remove spike-03 from production"
2015-04-09 Tom HughesRemove spike-03 from production
2015-04-06 Tom HughesAdd 2016.stateofthemap.org
2015-03-30 Tom HughesRevert "Remove spike-03 from production"
2015-03-30 Tom HughesRemove spike-03 from production
2015-03-16 Tom HughesRemove faffy from DNS
2015-03-11 Tom HughesRevert "Remove spike-03 from production"
2015-03-11 Tom HughesRemove spike-03 from production
2015-03-09 Tom HughesRevert "Remove spike-01 and spike-02 from www for now"
2015-03-09 Tom HughesRemove spike-01 and spike-02 from www for now
2015-03-06 Tom HughesIncrease traffic limit for sarkany
2015-03-06 Tom HughesAdd sarkany to tile servers
2015-03-06 Tom HughesAdd sarkany to DNS
2015-03-05 Grant SlaterIncrease Moscow traffic allowance to 120Mb/s
2015-03-05 Grant SlaterRevert "Restrict gorynych to Russia for now"
2015-02-23 Tom HughesRevert "Move nominatim traffic to poldi"
2015-02-20 Tom HughesMove nominatim traffic to poldi
2015-02-18 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for poldi
2015-02-18 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for poldi
2015-02-16 Tom HughesSwitch taginfo to stormfly-01
2015-02-05 Tom HughesRestrict gorynych to Russia for now
2015-01-31 Tom HughesUpdate tile bandwidth statistics and server limits
2015-01-31 Tom HughesUpdate tile log analyser to use chef gathered logs
2015-01-30 Tom HughesRevert "Switch nominatim over to poldi"
2015-01-29 Tom HughesRemove tabaluga from DNS
2015-01-29 Tom HughesCorrect konqi's IPv6 address
2015-01-26 Tom HughesSwitch nominatim over to poldi
2015-01-24 Tom HughesUpdate IPV6 address for konqi
2015-01-23 Tom HughesAdd konqi to German tile cache cluster
2015-01-23 Tom HughesUpdate make clean rules
2015-01-23 Tom HughesAdd konqi to DNS
2015-01-21 Tom HughesUpdate total bandwidth estimate
2015-01-21 Tom HughesUpdate log analysis script to use Maxmind GeoIP data
2015-01-21 Tom HughesUpdate falkenstein bandwidth limits to reflect reality
2015-01-21 Tom HughesRemove top level pingdom attribute for falkenstein
2015-01-21 Grant SlaterAdd katie as falkenstein tile cache member
2015-01-20 Tom HughesAdd katie to DNS
2015-01-10 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth for viserion and saphira
2014-12-21 Tom HughesReduce TTL on tile server A records
2014-12-19 Tom HughesAdd UCL KVM to DNS
2014-12-18 Grant Slatertilecache: corvallis to 35Mb and prefer CA,US,MX
2014-12-17 Grant SlaterTilecache: Bump Corvallis traffic up from 10Mbit to...
2014-12-17 Tom HughesBump up traffic to saphira and viserion
2014-12-17 Tom HughesUpdate location for viserion
2014-12-17 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce bandwidth to viserion"
2014-12-16 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to viserion
2014-12-16 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to London cache
2014-12-16 Tom HughesUse correct country code for UK bandwidth estimate
2014-12-16 Grant Slatercorvallis tilecache: add pingdom + bandwidth
2014-12-16 Grant SlaterAdd Corvallis US stub
2014-12-16 Tom HughesPut some load on saphira and viserion
2014-12-16 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for London tile cache
2014-12-16 Tom HughesAdd script for generating gdnsd config
2014-12-15 Tom HughesUpdate country data
2014-12-14 Tom HughesAdd board.osmfoundation.org