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2012-11-23 Tom HughesMerge branch 'leaflet'
2012-11-12 Tom HughesFix bogus test
2012-07-23 Tom HughesDon't allow hash signs in usernames
2012-06-01 Tom HughesDon't try and look for variables in non-existent values
2012-05-27 Tom HughesGet all the tests passing under ruby 1.9
2012-04-05 Matt AmosAdded relation redaction logic, same as node and way...
2012-04-05 Kai KruegerCopy the redaction code from nodes to ways
2012-04-05 Matt AmosAdding first cut of Redactions support
2012-03-22 Tom HughesAdd functional tests for messages
2012-03-20 Tom HughesAdd functional tests for the user_roles controller
2012-03-19 Tom HughesAdd functional tests for user blocks
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd some tests for the RichText module
2012-03-17 Tom HughesDrop the contents of <script> and <style> tags when...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesTreat messages received by email as plain text
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some more unit tests for traces
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some more unit tests for users
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some extra unit tests for diary entries
2012-03-06 Tom HughesTurn on mass assignment protection
2012-03-04 Tom HughesAdd a test to check the validity of the translations
2011-11-24 Matt AmosReplace @ with ~ in the shortlink
2011-11-16 Tom HughesMake OAuth work again
2011-11-14 Peter GrayRefactor bounding box code
2011-11-14 Tom HughesCreate new diary entry records instead of cloning the...
2011-11-14 Tom HughesRename all ID columns that aren't unique
2011-11-14 Tom HughesDo validation in the :save context when testing email...
2011-11-14 Tom HughesDuplicate records raise RecordNotUnique now, not Statem...
2011-11-14 Tom HughesAvoid use of deprecated methods on error objects
2011-02-10 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-12-05 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-11-29 Matt AmosInitial work on support for multiple editors
2010-10-17 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-10-11 Tom HughesThere are five trace fixtures now
2010-09-06 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-08-04 Tom HughesRework application configuration
2010-06-07 Tom HughesRevert "Switch to using oauth-plugin as a gem"
2010-05-24 Tom HughesSwitch to using oauth-plugin as a gem
2010-05-07 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into openid
2010-05-07 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into terms
2010-05-06 Tom HughesFix tests for changes to user model
2010-02-27 Kai Kruegermerge 19889:20181 of rails_port into the openID branch
2010-02-25 Tom HughesMove bogus addresses from the good set to the bad set...
2009-12-15 Shaun McDonaldActually the changeset doesn't need an id attribute...
2009-12-06 Shaun McDonaldChange the way that the changeset parsing is done,...
2009-10-13 Tom HughesMerge 17130 from trunk.
2009-10-13 Tom HughesMerged 17073:17076 from trunk.
2009-10-13 Tom HughesMerged 17047 from trunk.
2009-10-13 Tom HughesMerge 17067 from trunk.
2009-10-13 Tom HughesMerged 17256:18123 from trunk.
2009-09-29 Andy AllanMerge r17285 from the oauth branch - allow flash access...
2009-09-29 Matt AmosMerging 17824:17845 from trunk to blocking branch.
2009-09-29 Thomas WoodTests for [17838]
2009-08-25 Matt Amosmerge r17141:17256 from trunk
2009-08-19 Štefan Baeblertests for diary rss feeds
2009-08-18 Tom HughesMerge oauth branch at r17138 to trunk.
2009-08-13 Tom HughesMerge 16891:17044 from trunk.
2009-08-13 Tom HughesAdd extra visibility options for GPS traces, and enhanc...
2009-08-06 Matt AmosMerging 16820:16891 from trunk.
2009-08-03 Tom HughesMerge 16817:16819 from trunk.
2009-08-03 Tom HughesMerge 16743:16811 from trunk.
2009-08-03 Matt AmosMoved find_token method into the token class, since...
2009-07-31 Matt AmosMerged 16488:16743 from trunk.
2009-07-14 Tom HughesMerge 16110:16487 from trunk.
2009-06-29 Tom HughesMerge 16110:16216 from trunk.
2009-06-25 Matt AmosAdding 'shortlink' functions which will allow URLs...
2009-06-25 Tom HughesMerge 16070:16110 from trunk.
2009-06-23 Tom HughesRevert r16046.
2009-06-22 Matt AmosAdding initial version of the OAuth token authenticatio...
2009-06-19 Thomas Woodmerge 15807:16012 from rails_port
2009-06-11 Shaun McDonaldGive a nice error message when parsing the nwr tags...
2009-06-10 Shaun McDonaldAdding a couple of extra unit tests for the parsing...
2009-06-10 Shaun McDonaldCleanup the Relation.from_xml to come in line with...
2009-06-10 Shaun McDonaldThrow errors in the way xml parsing if there is a ...
2009-06-09 Tom HughesMerge 15722:15806 from head and adjust new views to...
2009-06-09 Shaun McDonaldMore Node.from_xml unit tests
2009-06-08 Shaun McDonaldMore unit tests for the parsing of the Node.from_xml...
2009-06-04 Tom HughesMove to version 2.3.2 of rails.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMore missing files from I18N merge.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMissing migrations from I18N merrge.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMerged I18N branch to head.
2009-05-26 Shaun McDonaldSome test improvements
2009-05-22 Shaun McDonaldFirst stage of i18n. Some migrations and extra plugins.
2009-05-11 Tom HughesUse a local lookup table for country bounding boxes...
2009-05-11 Matt Amosdisabling test case because i don't think there is...
2009-05-08 Shaun McDonaldfix the user unit test so that it doesn't use a deprica...
2009-05-06 Shaun McDonaldfixing the tests I broke earlier due to the fixture...
2009-04-30 Matt AmosFixed bad coding practice in test.
2009-04-30 Matt AmosFixed indeterminacy in test.
2009-04-29 Shaun McDonaldfix more of the tests, particularly changeset controlle...
2009-04-29 Shaun McDonaldMore changeset test improvements. Another fixture was...
2009-04-27 Shaun McDonaldFix the node and relation tests from when the users...
2009-04-26 Shaun McDonaldMake node update work with the new require data public...
2009-04-24 Matt AmosPatching better 412 error messages from mis-commit...
2009-04-22 Shaun McDonaldfixing some of the relation tests. Some adjustments...
2009-04-21 Matt AmosExtra test for updating relation tags.
2009-04-21 Matt AmosMore test fixes after fixture changes.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge api06 branch to trunk.
2009-04-18 Shaun McDonaldFixing some of the tests, adding the new tests to make...
2009-04-16 Tom HughesMerge 14394:14533 from trunk.
2009-04-08 Tom HughesMerge 14059:14394 from trunk.
2009-03-28 Matt AmosFixed unit tests and fixture loading for postgres....