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2018-03-14 Andy AllanUnwind the set_issues method
2018-03-14 Andy AllanCreate a more accurate permissions check message
2018-03-14 Andy AllanRemove cascading deletes, add another foreign key,...
2018-03-14 Andy AllanEnsure reports have an issue id and a user id
2018-03-14 Andy AllanRemove nonsense has_one relationship
2018-03-14 Andy AllanFix class name
2018-03-14 Andy AllanRemove unnecessary div
2018-03-14 Andy AllanApply list styling to list of related reports
2018-03-14 Andy AllanUse th instead of td and b
2018-03-14 Andy AllanUser user_path to generate links to users
2018-03-14 Andy AllanAvoid wrapping in the reports count column
2018-03-14 Andy AllanCombine last_updated_by and last_updated_at columns...
2018-03-14 Andy AllanCombine category and reporting user
2018-03-14 Andy AllanIncrease padding around report disclaimer
2018-03-14 Andy AllanRemove vandalism as an option for reporting notes.
2018-03-14 Andy AllanUse lower case to refer to reportable objects
2018-03-14 Andy AllanUse underscore versions of model names for translation...
2018-03-14 Andy AllanFix grammar
2018-03-05 Andy AllanRemove unused code
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRubocop fixes
2018-02-28 Andy AllanUpdate tests for new link text
2018-02-28 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into moderation
2018-02-28 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into moderation
2018-02-28 Andy AllanReposition the note and user report flags
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRework the new report form text and layout
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRearrange issues table and combine some columns.
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRemove reporting of changesets
2018-02-28 Andy AllanAllow reporting of anonymous notes
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRefactor reportable_url to just return the url
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRefactor reportable_url helper to focus on just the...
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRemove the report_type helper and use the model_name...
2018-02-28 Andy AllanLink to diary comments using anchors, rather than showi...
2018-02-28 Andy AllanAllow the status to be translated in the table of results
2018-02-28 Andy AllanRework status search to avoid relying on the enum ids...
2018-02-27 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1772'
2018-02-27 Holger JerominMove abbr style from border to text-decoration
2018-02-27 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1769'
2018-02-27 Tom HughesRemove underline from abbr elements
2018-02-27 Aaron LidmanTrace everywhere in potlatch too
2018-02-27 Aaron LidmanUse trace consistently, closes #1644
2018-02-26 Tom HughesExclude hidden diary entries and comments from spam...
2018-02-25 Tom HughesUse bolded version of destinations
2018-02-25 Tom HughesFix translation keys for on ramps
2018-02-25 Tom HughesUpdate to rails 5.1.5
2018-02-25 Tom HughesShow exit numbers for off ramps in OSRM directions
2018-02-25 Mateusz KoniecznyUpdate wiki page data
2018-02-23 Andy AllanAvoid submit_tag to avoid 'Save changes' default
2018-02-23 Andy AllanMerge pull request #1758 from ardean80/patch-1
2018-02-23 Andy AllanMerge pull request #1732 from tomhughes/npemap
2018-02-23 Andy Allanresolve last_reported_by vs last_updated_by duplication
2018-02-22 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-19 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-18 Tom HughesAdd libffi to requirements
2018-02-16 ardean80Update country.rb
2018-02-15 Jamie GuthrieFix route path 'hovering' when marker positions are...
2018-02-15 Jamie GuthrieFix directions for roundabout without exit number
2018-02-15 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-14 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2018-02-14 Tom HughesAvoid relying on global state to detect when we are...
2018-02-14 Tom HughesStop map zooming out after dropping marker
2018-02-14 Jamie GuthrieChange directions start to say 'on road' rather than...
2018-02-14 mmd-osmSmall comment fix
2018-02-14 mmd-osmRemove BBOX expansion performance optimization
2018-02-14 Jamie GuthrieCorrectly swap from and to values when reversing directions
2018-02-13 Jamie GuthrieImprove OSRM directions for on and off ramps
2018-02-13 Jamie GuthrieAdd padding to directions popups
2018-02-12 Jamie GuthrieUse both name and ref when naming roads in directions
2018-02-12 mmd-osmUpdate wiki_pages.yml, fix http url in update script
2018-02-12 Tom HughesFix broken translation
2018-02-12 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-09 Tom HughesUse https when redirecting to the render server
2018-02-09 Tom HughesUse correct class to disable zoom buttons
2018-02-08 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-02-05 Tom HughesUse configured protocol for URLs in diary feeds
2018-02-05 Tom HughesUse configured server protocol for shared URLs
2018-02-05 Tom HughesUse configured server protocol for links in e-mail...
2018-02-04 Tom HughesMake OSM::GreatCircle clamp results to the globe
2018-02-04 Tom HughesMake travis build 3GL quad tile functions
2018-02-04 Tom HughesAdd tests for quad tiles
2018-02-04 Tom HughesFix C version of QuadTile#tiles_for_area to return...
2018-02-04 Tom HughesRemove npemap as a source for UK postcodes
2018-02-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1704'
2018-02-04 Biswesh MohapatraAdd marker at trace start coordinate
2018-02-04 Biswesh MohapatraRemove duplicate link: traces >> more
2018-02-03 Tom HughesAllow lat/lon from the URL to take precedence when...
2018-02-03 Tom HughesGo through the router when reversing directions
2018-02-03 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1693'
2018-02-01 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1727'
2018-02-01 Mikkel Kirkgaard... Fix typo
2018-02-01 Tom HughesUse https for default style tiles
2018-02-01 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.6.1
2018-02-01 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-30 Tom HughesAllow cross domain flash access from http sites
2018-01-30 Tom HughesNormalise newlines in incoming emails
2018-01-29 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1726'
2018-01-29 Bryan HouselUpdate query icon to display cursor with '?'
2018-01-29 Bryan HouselAdd '+' to note icon ("add a note to the map")
2018-01-29 Bryan HouselRework FOSS4g-IT and FOSSGIS banners to leave space...
2018-01-29 translatewiki.netLocalisation updates from https://translatewiki.net.
2018-01-25 Sarah HoffmannUpdate Nominatim description terms