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2022-08-02 Grant SlaterMerge remote-tracking branch 'tigerfell/pr257'
2021-11-21 Grant Slaterdevices: udev disable fw lldp handler on Intel i40e...
2021-03-09 TigerfellMerge branch 'patch-2' of https://github.com/Tigerfell...
2021-01-04 Grant Slaterdevice: udev eth ring rule for 8086:10fb
2020-12-03 GrantMerge pull request #361 from polarbearing/patch-1
2020-12-03 GrantMerge pull request #362 from hbogner/master
2020-11-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/350' into...
2020-11-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/349' into...
2020-10-07 Grant Slaterdevices: Additional NIC ring tuning
2020-08-06 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/328'
2020-08-06 Grant Slaterdevices: Additional NIC ring tuning
2020-08-04 Grant Slaterdevices: Add ring tuning for I210 rev 03
2020-07-09 Grant Slaterdevice: Add udev to remove failed disk in cmok
2020-06-02 Grant Slaterdevice: Additional NIC ring tuning
2020-06-01 Grant Slaterdevice: tune BCM5721 ring
2020-06-01 Grant Slaterdevice: tune HP NC362i ring
2020-06-01 Grant Slaterdevice: udev NIC ring tune for Intel 82574L
2020-06-01 Grant SlaterIncrease NIC rx/tx ring size
2020-05-29 GrantMerge pull request #308 from Firefishy/more-404-tiles
2020-05-29 GrantMerge pull request #307 from Firefishy/md-raid-tweak
2020-05-29 Grant SlaterAllow md raid to use multiple threads for RAID5 and 6
2020-01-15 Grant Slaterdevice: Fix QEMU udev
2020-01-06 Grant SlaterDevice: clean-up udev rules + additional SSD tuning
2019-12-23 Grant Slaterudev tune DELL PERC H710 scheduler
2019-12-09 Grant SlaterAdd use noop scheduler for OCZ-VERTEX3
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterUpdate virtio_blk udev with note
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterFix device model for VMware
2019-11-27 Grant SlaterTune scheduler and read_ahead_kb on VMware and KVM
2019-05-31 Tom HughesIncrease readahead on virtio block devices
2019-04-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/225'
2019-04-03 Tom HughesUse a udev rule to enable request merging for NVME...
2019-03-16 Grant SlaterFix power save bug against all Intel 82583/82574
2018-07-06 Grant SlaterSet IO rq_affinity for HP RAID disks
2017-10-23 Grant SlaterTune WDC RE3/RE4 disks with poor NCQ
2017-07-21 Grant SlaterIntel 82574L NIC powersaving fix for tiamat hosts
2017-05-10 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/122'
2017-05-07 Grant SlaterAdd WDC RE3 to udev rules
2017-04-29 Grant SlaterAdd udev disk reliability tuning
2017-03-12 Tom HughesRemove no longer needed support for old Ubuntu versions
2015-10-29 Grant SlaterCompletely disable faulty offloading on HP NC362i
2015-10-27 Tom HughesDisable scatter-gather offload for HP NC362i network...
2014-07-24 Tom HughesCompare kernel versions correctly
2014-07-24 Tom HughesAutoload CPU supprt modules correctly on 12.04 machines...
2014-02-17 Grant SlaterImprove disk tuning on HP systems
2013-05-30 Tom HughesAdd a bunch more cookbooks