Install wal-g on database servers
[chef.git] / cookbooks / logstash / recipes /
2020-07-21 Tom HughesUse strings for file modes
2020-02-24 Tom HughesAdd tests for elasticsearch, kibana and logstash cookbooks
2019-09-09 Tom HughesRemove no longer requried foodcritic customisations
2019-09-09 Tom HughesUpdate formatting of header comments
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUse java 8 for logstash
2018-07-05 Tom HughesDrop support for lumberjack input to logstash
2018-07-05 Tom HughesRemove cleanup code
2018-07-05 Tom HughesSwitch to use filebeat for forwarding to logstash
2018-07-04 Tom HughesEnable beats input plugin to logstash
2018-02-11 Tom HughesConvert more URLs to https
2017-11-16 Tim SmithUse multipackage installs throughout
2016-10-16 Tom HughesSort logstash server firewall rules by node name
2016-06-30 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-06-01 Tom HughesReload logstash on config change instead of restarting
2016-05-31 Tom HughesAllow connections to logstash from network gateways
2016-05-30 Tom HughesUpdate logstash cookbook for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-03-21 Tom HughesSet correct permissions on logstash logrotate config
2015-10-23 Tom HughesDisable bogus foodcritic warning
2015-07-29 Tom HughesExpire logstash indexes
2015-07-24 Tom HughesAdd support for storing web logs in logstash