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Add tests for db cookbook
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2022-09-17 Grant Slatersvn: Additional JOSM redirects
2022-09-17 Grant Slatersvn: Add old JOSM plugin redirect
2022-08-03 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/514'
2022-08-02 Grant SlaterMerge remote-tracking branch 'tigerfell/pr257'
2022-07-24 Grant Slatersubversion: another tweak to redirects
2022-07-16 Grant Slatersvn: Add specific redirects for old content
2022-07-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/513'
2022-07-15 Grant SlaterDrop query string on demised site redirect
2022-07-15 Grant SlaterFix demised site redirect
2022-07-15 Grant SlaterCleaner redirect using 404 handler for demised sites
2022-07-15 Grant Slatersubversion: Disable svn.osm.org and add redirect
2022-07-15 Grant Slatersubversion: backup svn.passwd
2021-03-09 TigerfellMerge branch 'patch-2' of https://github.com/Tigerfell...
2020-10-09 Grant SlaterRevert "Revert "Disable HTTP2 for svn.openstreetmap...
2020-10-08 Grant SlaterRevert "Disable HTTP2 for svn.openstreetmap.org"
2020-08-13 Tom HughesAvoid use of deprecated GZIP environment variable
2020-08-08 Tom HughesRemove write acess to svn
2019-08-31 Tom HughesDisable HTTP2 for svn.openstreetmap.org
2018-08-11 Grant Slatersvn: Add SVNIndexXSLT at allow custom styling
2018-08-04 Grant SlaterTeach subversion cookbook about site aliases
2017-02-12 Tom HughesSwitch svn to letsencrypt
2016-11-12 Grant SlaterUse rsync preallocate files to avoid fragmentation
2015-07-14 Grant SlaterRemove arcfour (RC4) cipher no longer available in...
2015-04-16 Tom HughesAdd https support to svn.openstreetmap.org
2014-08-20 Tom HughesUpdate svn for apache 2.4
2013-10-22 Grant SlaterSet internal rsync over ssh backups to use arcfour...
2013-06-23 Tom HughesBring subversion backup script under chef control
2013-06-17 Tom HughesAdd a load more cookbooks to the public repository