2018-09-11 Grant SlaterRevert "Increase pyrene bandwidth, decrease yevaud...
2018-09-11 Grant SlaterIncrease pyrene bandwidth, decrease yevaud + scorch
2018-09-05 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to pyrene
2018-09-05 Tom HughesAdd pyrene to the render cluster
2018-09-03 Tom HughesAdd pyrene to DNS
2018-08-29 Tom HughesPoint dmca at ridley
2018-08-27 Tom HughesRemove odin from DNS
2018-08-26 Tom HughesSwitch danish cache to rimfaxe
2018-08-26 Tom HughesAdd rimfaxe to DNS
2018-08-20 Tom HughesRevert "Switch nominatim to pummelzacken"
2018-08-17 Tom HughesSwitch nominatim to pummelzacken
2018-08-17 Tom HughesRemove komodo from the DNS
2018-08-17 Tom HughesRemove vial from the DNS
2018-08-13 Grant SlaterAdd Dockerfile for building from templates
2018-08-13 Grant SlaterUse French caches for FR and RE
2018-08-12 Tom HughesSwitch web site to amsterdam
2018-08-11 Tom HughesAdd more countries to angor
2018-08-10 Tom HughesAdd lesotho and swaziland to allowed countries for...
2018-08-10 Tom HughesAdd angor to tile caches
2018-08-08 Tom HughesPoint uptime at SSL enabled endpoint
2018-08-05 Tom HughesPoint planet at ironbelly
2018-08-05 Tom HughesPoint backup at ironbelly
2018-08-05 Tom HughesPoint wiki at ouroboros
2018-08-03 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to viserion
2018-08-02 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce bandwidth to viserion"
2018-08-02 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to viserion
2018-08-02 Grant SlaterIncrease traffic to Corvallis tile cache
2018-08-02 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to viserion
2018-08-01 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to rhaegal
2018-08-01 Grant SlaterLower traffic again to Corvallis / stormfly-02. Drop MX
2018-08-01 Grant SlaterLower traffic to Corvallis / stormfly-02.
2018-07-30 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to rhaegal
2018-07-28 Tom HughesCorrect statuscake IDs for toulouse
2018-07-28 Tom HughesTweak bandwidth for french cache
2018-07-28 Tom HughesCreate merge france cache node consisting of lyon and...
2018-07-28 Tom HughesFix typo
2018-07-28 Tom HughesAdd noomoahk to DNS
2018-07-28 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to rhaegal
2018-07-26 Tom HughesSwitch nominatim back to dulcy
2018-07-26 Tom HughesCorrect names for PDUs
2018-07-26 Tom HughesAdd IP addresses for PDUs
2018-07-26 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for Amsterdam switch
2018-07-26 Tom HughesUpdate orm's location
2018-07-26 Tom HughesAdd rhaegal to render farm
2018-07-25 Tom HughesCorrect some IPv4 addresses
2018-07-25 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 addresses for Amsterdam machines
2018-07-25 Tom HughesUpdate addresses for Amsterdam
2018-07-24 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for move from Imperial to Amsterdam
2018-07-23 Tom HughesMove nominatim to pummelzacken
2018-07-20 Tom HughesAdd rhaegal to DNS
2018-07-18 Tom HughesReduce TTLs for all IC machines
2018-07-18 Tom HughesRemove some redundant DNS entries
2018-07-16 Tom HughesPoint planet and backup at grisu
2018-07-16 Tom HughesReduce TTL for backup
2018-07-16 Tom HughesSwitch web site to bytemark
2018-07-16 Tom HughesRevert "Switch web site to bytemark"
2018-07-15 Tom HughesSwitch web site to bytemark
2018-07-12 Tom HughesRemove poldi from DNS
2018-07-01 Tom HughesEnable IPv6 for wiki.openstreetmap.org
2018-07-01 Tom HughesPoint wiki at stormfly-01
2018-06-27 Tom HughesMake taginfo TTLs consistent
2018-06-23 Tom HughesSwitch taginfo back to grindtooth
2018-06-23 Tom HughesPoint taginfo at stormfly-01
2018-06-23 Tom HughesPoint git.osm.org and dns.osm.org at sarel
2018-06-23 Tom HughesPoint acme.osm.org at sarel
2018-06-22 Tom HughesReduce TTL on git.osm.org
2018-06-21 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTL for acme.osm.org
2018-06-21 Tom HughesPoint chef.osm.org at sarel
2018-06-20 Tom HughesPoint hardware.osm.org at sarel
2018-06-20 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTL on chef.openstreetmap.org
2018-06-04 Tom HughesReduce traffic to saphira
2018-06-04 Tom HughesReduce traffic to nepomuk
2018-06-02 Tom HughesAdd SPF record for otrs.openstreetmap.org
2018-06-02 Tom HughesAdd postmster tools verification
2018-05-30 Tom HughesPoint hot.osm.org at ridley
2018-05-30 Tom HughesRemove some unused DNS entries
2018-05-29 Tom HughesReduce expiry for hot.osm.org
2018-05-15 Tom HughesUpdate country data
2018-05-12 Tom HughesTweak tile bandwidth allocations
2018-05-11 Tom HughesCorrect syntax error
2018-05-11 Tom HughesUpdate bandwidth statistics and target bandwidths
2018-05-10 Tom HughesMove Canadian traffic to ascalon
2018-05-08 Tom HughesCorrect location for ascalon
2018-05-08 Tom HughesAdd ascalon to tile caches
2018-05-08 Tom HughesAdd ascalon to DNS
2018-04-16 Tom HughesAdd CAA records
2018-02-20 Tom HughesRemove nadder-01 and nadder-02
2018-02-09 Tom HughesDrop parent.tile.openstreetmap.org
2018-01-10 Tom HughesPoint 2013.stateofthemap.org at ridley
2018-01-05 Tom HughesRevert "Take spike-03 offline"
2018-01-05 Tom HughesTake spike-03 offline
2018-01-04 Tom HughesReduce load on cmok
2018-01-04 Tom HughesRemove shop.osm.org from DNS
2017-11-13 Tom HughesFix 2018.stateofthemap
2017-11-13 Tom HughesPoint {2016..2018}.stateofthemap at ridley
2017-11-08 Tom HughesAdd 2018.stateofthemap
2017-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for nepomuk
2017-10-17 Tom HughesAdd komodo to DNS
2017-10-03 Tom HughesReduce load to nepomuk
2017-10-01 Tom HughesRevert "Switch nomninatim to pummelzacken"