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Merge branch 'master' into routing
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2015-02-01 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into routing
2015-02-01 Tom HughesAdd some padding to select elements
2015-02-01 Tom HughesDrop redundant css extension from scss files
2015-02-01 Thijs AlkemadeFix two issues with the remember_me_openid button
2015-02-01 Tom HughesDefault background for input fields to white
2015-01-26 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #32 from danstowell/jsrouting
2015-01-26 Dan Stowellfix typo which prevented directions closebox from working
2015-01-26 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #31 from zerebubuth/routing-ui-tweaks-2
2015-01-26 Matt AmosMake directions endpoints own the value and not care...
2015-01-26 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #30 from zerebubuth/routing-ui-tweaks-2
2015-01-26 Matt AmosUse CSS rather than HTML attributes for styling.
2015-01-26 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #29 from zerebubuth/routing-ui-tweaks-2
2015-01-26 Matt AmosRevert some of the selection styling changes which...
2015-01-26 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #28 from zerebubuth/routing-ui-tweaks-2
2015-01-26 Matt AmosUse larger 'spinner' when waiting for route request...
2015-01-26 Matt AmosFix vertical alignment of text within select input...
2015-01-26 Matt AmosHide route steps sidebar when user presses close button.
2015-01-26 Matt AmosGeocode pre-filled values when the user presses 'Go'.
2015-01-26 Matt AmosMake close button on route dialogue return to index.
2015-01-26 Matt AmosPre-fill directions 'from' field with search query...
2015-01-26 Matt AmosMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2015-01-25 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #27 from danstowell/jsrouting-topclo...
2015-01-24 Dan StowellUse 'close-box' appearance (less confusing) for exit...
2015-01-17 Tom HughesMerge branch 'rails42'
2015-01-11 Tom HughesRemove some (hopefully) redundant code
2015-01-11 Tom HughesSet default formats in the database now that rails...
2015-01-11 Tom HughesReplace deprecated reset method with restore method
2015-01-11 Tom HughesReplace deprecated deliver method with deliver_now
2015-01-10 Tom HughesDon't pass ActiveRecord objects to find and exists?
2014-12-14 Tom HughesDon't render the offline page for XHR requests
2014-12-14 Tom HughesDisable the "add note" button in database offline mode
2014-12-14 Tom HughesQuery mode doesn't need the database
2014-12-08 David GumbergLosslessly compressed all images using optipng and...
2014-12-06 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #26 from karussell/patch-2
2014-12-06 PeterUsing HTTPS for GraphHopper
2014-12-02 Tom HughesFix exception when message limit is hit
2014-11-24 Tom HughesPrefer a key=value match over a key only match for...
2014-11-20 Tom HughesInclude number of recent diary entries in spam scoring
2014-11-19 Tom HughesMake sure button_to buttons are separated by whitespace
2014-11-19 Tom HughesDon't paginate redactions
2014-11-12 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #25 from zerebubuth/routing-ui-tweaks
2014-11-12 Tom HughesStringify user ID
2014-11-10 Matt AmosConsolidated list highlight colours to one parameter.
2014-11-10 Matt AmosMade top & bottom spacing in directions list consistent.
2014-11-10 Matt AmosAdded some vertical space in the routing text input...
2014-11-10 Matt AmosUse buttons for switching to/from directions.
2014-11-10 Matt AmosMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-11-09 Tom HughesRevert "Add SOTM advert"
2014-11-09 Tom HughesTrack users in piwik
2014-11-07 Tom HughesHandle unknown admin_level values
2014-11-07 Tom HughesAllow query mode to be turned off at low zoom
2014-11-07 Tom HughesLook for locale specific names
2014-11-07 Tom HughesDon't do the admin boundary special case unless admin_l...
2014-11-07 Tom HughesMerge branch 'overpass'
2014-11-07 Paul NormanAdd KSJ2 tags to uninteresting list
2014-11-05 Tom HughesDon't enable query mode when loading a query URL
2014-11-05 Tom HughesAdd comments_feed action to various filters
2014-11-05 Tom HughesAllow query mode to be disabled when the sidebar is...
2014-11-05 Dan StowellLeave overpass result links coloured blue
2014-11-04 Tom HughesSort enclosing features by size
2014-11-04 Dan KarranAdd some missing browse icons
2014-11-03 Richard FairhurstMerge pull request #24 from zerebubuth/routing-merge
2014-11-03 Matt AmosMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-11-01 Tom HughesDon't centre on load if the location is already in...
2014-11-01 Tom HughesUse new overpass geometry output support to get geometeries
2014-11-01 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into overpass
2014-11-01 Tom HughesMerge branch 'comments'
2014-10-23 Tom HughesTidy up changeset comment code
2014-10-23 Łukasz GurdekChangeset discussions
2014-10-17 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/iD-1.6.0'
2014-10-15 Tom HughesValidate note comments for control characters
2014-10-13 Tom HughesDon't pass the hash when routing an empty search query
2014-10-06 John FirebaughForward the `comment` hash parameter to iD
2014-10-02 Tom HughesUpdate to rails 4.1.6
2014-10-02 Tom HughesBan usernames which match special URLs
2014-09-07 Tom HughesMove noscript message clear of the sidebar
2014-09-04 Tom HughesAdd SOTM advert
2014-08-31 Paul NormanAdd an imagery blacklist to capabilities
2014-08-19 Tom HughesMove ICO favion into an IE conditional comment
2014-07-29 Tom HughesDon't preload the nodes as it seems to break the ordering
2014-07-26 Tom HughesRevert "Fix off-by-one error in user notes list"
2014-07-25 Tom HughesUse autoprefixer to generate CSS prefixes
2014-07-24 Toby MurrayFix off-by-one error in user notes list
2014-07-24 Sunah SuhRemove myopenid from openid providers
2014-07-23 Tom HughesFix error resolving relation parents
2014-07-21 Tom HughesMerge branch 'rails41'
2014-07-20 Florian M. SchäferAdded wikidata links to the browse helper
2014-07-11 Tom HughesUpdate "Metro Extracts" link
2014-07-04 Tom HughesRemove debug statement
2014-07-04 Tom HughesUpdate for API change in CPK 7.x
2014-07-04 Tom HughesSort tags alphabetically for consistent results
2014-07-04 Tom HughesRename Trace#public to Trace#visible_to_all
2014-07-04 Tom HughesRename User#public to User#identifiable
2014-06-26 Tom HughesFix attribution links for Thunderforest layers
2014-06-22 Tom HughesFix line height for buttons in Firefox 30
2014-06-18 Tom HughesImprove blocking of characters not allowed in XML
2014-06-18 Tom HughesStyle trace edit form to match trace creation form
2014-06-18 Tom HughesIncrease field widths on trace upload form
2014-06-18 Tom HughesUse correct translation for back button
2014-06-18 Tom HughesMake sure we pan immediately when a search result is...