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2018-01-04 Tom HughesMake planet redirect to https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesMake mediawiki sites redirect to https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesBring dev.osm.org under chef control and SSL enable it
2018-01-04 Tom HughesUpdate phppgadmin site to use https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesRedirect user dev sites to https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesEnable SSL for user sites on the dev server
2018-01-04 Tom HughesRedirect all gps-tile access to https
2018-01-03 Tom HughesUse --quieter switch to pluto
2018-01-01 Grant Slaterwiki: use noreply email address
2017-12-23 Tom HughesRevert "Switch bytemark to use eddie for readonly datab...
2017-12-22 Tom HughesLog statements taking longer than 1s on the main database
2017-12-20 Tom HughesIncrease MinSpareThreads and MaxSpareThreads for nominatim
2017-12-19 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: apply rate limit
2017-12-19 Tom HughesAdd support for rate limit http connections
2017-12-17 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.6.0
2017-12-14 Tom HughesSwitch moderation dev site to use gravitystorm's branch
2017-12-12 Tom HughesSwitch bytemark to use eddie for readonly database...
2017-12-07 Tom HughesReduce random_page_cost for postgres instances on SSD
2017-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.2.1
2017-12-05 Tom HughesRemove tilecache role from komodo for now
2017-12-05 Tom HughesDisable chef exception handler
2017-12-05 Tom HughesUpdate interface name for cmok
2017-12-03 Tom HughesDisable chef report handler
2017-12-01 Tom HughesUse string keys for piwik configuration items
2017-11-29 Tom HughesInstall image optimisation tools on rails machines
2017-11-28 Tom HughesDisable "slow run" reporting for chef
2017-11-28 Tom HughesExclude fd0 from diskstats munin plugin
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade remaining machines to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade IC machines to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesQualify property names
2017-11-27 Tom HughesCoerce piwik goals into a normal hash
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade bytemark machines to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesQualify property names
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade remaining UCL machines to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade ridley to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade urmel to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesFix warning cleaning up symbolic link
2017-11-27 Tom HughesQualify property names
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade eustace to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesConvert rails_port definition to a resource
2017-11-26 Tom HughesDrop redundant file_column_root attribute
2017-11-23 Tom HughesEnable CSP in report only mode for the main web site
2017-11-23 Tom HughesModernise postgresql LWRPs
2017-11-22 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 12.21.26
2017-11-22 Tom HughesModernise nodejs_package LWRP
2017-11-22 Tom HughesUpdate wiki to mediawiki 1.29
2017-11-22 Tom HughesModernise mysql LWRPs
2017-11-22 Tom HughesModernise mediawiki LWRPs
2017-11-22 Tom HughesQualify property access
2017-11-22 Tom HughesUse declare_resource to avoid conflict with "package...
2017-11-22 Matt AmosAdd explanatory header for full-experimental CC BY...
2017-11-21 Tom HughesModernise wordpress LWRPs
2017-11-21 Tom HughesUse declare_resource to avoid need for template_source...
2017-11-21 Tom HughesModernise apache LWRPs
2017-11-21 Tom HughesModernise squid_fragment LWRP
2017-11-19 Tom HughesFix munin_plugin resource
2017-11-17 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.5.0
2017-11-17 Tom HughesDisable mcelog on shenron
2017-11-17 Tom HughesDisable mcelog on scorch
2017-11-17 Tom HughesFix issues with chef report handler
2017-11-16 Tom HughesUse mail gem instead of pony
2017-11-16 Tom HughesModernise more LWRPs
2017-11-16 Tim SmithUse multipackage installs throughout
2017-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate some custom resources for Chef 14 compatibility
2017-11-15 Tim SmithUse Foodcritic 12.2.1
2017-11-14 Tom HughesFix foodcritic warnings
2017-11-14 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2017-11-14 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2017-11-13 Tom HughesDeploy jekyll based stateofthemap sites on ridley
2017-11-13 Tom HughesAdd trigger script to mail mcelog reports
2017-11-13 Grant SlaterAdd mcelog daemon
2017-11-09 Tom HughesCorrect URL for elasticsearch 5.x repository
2017-11-09 Tom HughesUpdate elasticsearch to 5.x on ridley
2017-11-09 Tom HughesUpgrade foundation and DWG wikis to 1.29
2017-11-09 Tom HughesUpdate board wiki to 1.29
2017-11-07 Tom HughesDisable sensors on vial that are reading nonsensical...
2017-11-07 Tom HughesRevert "Adjust CPU temperature warning thresholds for...
2017-11-07 Tom HughesDisable unconnected sensors on vial
2017-11-06 Tom HughesAllow access to nagios remote plugins on nepomuk
2017-11-02 Tom HughesUpdate network interface name for nepomuk
2017-11-02 Tom HughesRemove old addresses from nepomuk
2017-10-31 Tom HughesAdd new addresses for nepomuk
2017-10-26 Sarah Hoffmannremove fail2ban rules for nominatim
2017-10-26 Sarah Hoffmannrevert all fpm pool settings for dulcy
2017-10-26 Grant SlaterRevert "tilecache: remove fallback caches as peers"
2017-10-25 Sarah Hoffmanndulcy: reduce fpm pool sizes a bit
2017-10-24 Tom HughesTune new disks in karm and eddie
2017-10-24 Tom HughesRemove hpssacli with ssacli
2017-10-24 Tom HughesRemove forced downgrade of hp-health
2017-10-23 Grant SlaterTune WDC RE3/RE4 disks with poor NCQ
2017-10-23 Grant SlaterLower squid memory on komodo
2017-10-23 Grant Slatertilecache: remove fallback caches as peers
2017-10-20 Tom HughesLoad nct6775 sensor module on vial
2017-10-20 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.4.0
2017-10-20 Tom HughesInstall Noto Sans Arabic UI from github if necessary
2017-10-20 Tom HughesFix backup sync
2017-10-20 Tom HughesSend output from the database script to admins
2017-10-19 Sarah Hoffmannincrease fpm pool sizes on dulcy
2017-10-18 Tom HughesMake g5team an admin on G5 Solutions machines
2017-10-18 Tom HughesAdjust cache size for komodo