Ignore failures starting shorewall
[chef.git] / cookbooks / dev / templates / default /
2020-09-03 Grant SlaterWSGIDaemonProcess use multiple processes and restart...
2020-07-28 Tom HughesPass PHP scripts to the correct FPM pool
2020-07-23 Tom HughesUse unix domain sockets for FPM on dev
2020-07-23 Tom HughesStandardise generation of FPM pool configurations
2020-03-03 Tom HughesAllow extensions on cgimap requests
2019-08-23 Tom HughesPass /ways and /relations calls to cgimap on dev
2019-05-17 Tom HughesTeach dev instance setup script to handle new style...
2018-11-19 Tom HughesSet a long timeout for dev instances proxying to cgimap
2018-10-31 Tom HughesFix log rotation for dev apis
2018-10-19 Tom HughesAllow an optional .json extension on cgimap methods
2018-09-17 Tom HughesAdd log rotation for dev apis
2018-09-16 Tom HughesSend changeset uploads to cgimap for dev apis
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAdd support for using cgimap with dev api instances
2018-07-02 Tom HughesAdd friendly names for passenger applications
2018-02-10 Tom HughesConvert various URLs to https
2018-02-02 Tom HughesRewrite ooc site using leaflet and bring it under chef...
2018-01-17 Tom HughesMake dev sites serve crossdomain.xml with correct MIME...
2018-01-04 Tom HughesBring dev.osm.org under chef control and SSL enable it
2018-01-04 Tom HughesUpdate phppgadmin site to use https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesRedirect user dev sites to https
2018-01-04 Tom HughesEnable SSL for user sites on the dev server
2017-08-18 Tom HughesFix dev instance setup script to detect db:migrate...
2017-03-24 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/118'
2017-03-23 Grant SlaterAdd X-Robots-Tag header to apis.dev.osm.org sites
2017-02-13 Tom HughesEnable SSL for dev apis
2016-10-03 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/69'
2016-10-03 Tom HughesFix phppgadmin
2016-09-29 Tom HughesUse suexec to run user CGi scripts
2016-09-29 Tom HughesDisable cgiwrap support on errol
2016-07-18 Grant Slaterdev: Mitigate env HTTP_PROXY via cgi proxy header
2016-03-28 Grant SlaterAllow dev users to sudo cat their apache logs
2016-03-28 Tom HughesRevert "Allow dev users to sudo cat their apache logs"
2016-03-28 Grant SlaterAllow dev users to sudo cat their apache logs
2016-03-09 Tom HughesFixup phppgadmin for proxy_fcgi
2015-10-05 Tom HughesDo all mod_deflate configuration in global context
2015-09-13 Tom HughesFix configuration of SVG compression for dev instances
2015-09-13 Tom HughesEnable gzip compression of SVG assets
2015-08-22 Grant SlaterOnly pass to php-fpm if file exists
2015-07-06 Tom HughesSwitch back to the old way of checking file existence
2014-11-22 Tom HughesCheck for file existence properly
2014-11-21 Tom HughesSend PHP requests to PHP-FPM without checking the file...
2014-11-13 Tom HughesOnly pass PHP files which exist to PHP-FPM
2014-10-28 Tom HughesUpdate apache config for 2.4
2014-07-08 Tom HughesSet SECRET_KEY_BASE to a random value for dev apis
2014-02-10 Tom HughesMove passenger configuration to a separate cookbook
2013-12-30 Grant Slaterdev: increase PHP upload max to 32MB
2013-08-14 Tom HughesFix up issues in dev server rails setup script
2013-08-06 Tom HughesAvoid mass assignment in the dev server rails setup...
2013-06-17 Tom HughesAdd a load more cookbooks to the public repository