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Add orm and fume to nameserver list for geo.openstreetmap.org
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2012-03-29 Tom HughesAdd orm and fume to nameserver list for geo.openstreetm...
2012-03-22 Tom HughesAdd ridley.oob to DNS
2012-03-20 Tom HughesPoint munin at urmel
2012-03-17 Tom HughesReduce timeout on munin.openstreetmap.org
2012-03-16 Tom HughesGive urmel an external IP address
2012-03-16 Tom HughesRemove gazetteer from DNS
2012-03-14 Tom HughesMove VPN addresses out of the UCL private subnet range
2012-03-14 Tom HughesRemove tiles@home server from DNS
2012-03-13 Grant SlaterAdd a. b. c. aliases to agri.
2012-03-11 Grant SlaterFix typo on agri alias
2012-03-10 Grant SlaterAdd agri alias for faffy
2012-03-08 Grant SlaterAdd temporary workaround sjobo2 DNS host
2012-03-07 Grant SlaterRemove gorwen from sjobo tile pool
2012-03-06 Grant SlaterAdd server fume to sjobo tile pool, add EU preferred...
2012-03-06 Grant SlaterAdd new server fume
2012-03-04 Tom HughesRedirect tile queries for all domains through geo.opens...
2012-03-04 Tom HughesSwitch to serving tiles through the geodns infrastructure
2012-03-03 Grant SlaterSwitch tile caches around
2012-03-02 Grant SlaterAdd orm to c.tile.osm.org
2012-03-02 Grant SlaterAdd gorwen IP to tile.osm.org (along with konqi)
2012-02-06 Grant SlaterAdd external IP for faffy
2012-02-03 Tom HughesAdd bowser in as a frontend
2012-02-03 Grant SlaterFix ramoth ip address
2012-02-03 Tom HughesAdd ramoth and update bowser for move to IC
2012-02-03 Tom HughesMove nominatim over to poldi
2012-01-31 Tom HughesUpdate geographic tile config to use orm and gorwen
2012-01-27 Tom HughesPoint tickets at ridley
2012-01-27 Grant SlaterRevert "Move c.tile traffic to konqi temporarily due...
2012-01-27 Grant SlaterMove c.tile traffic to konqi temporarily due to albi...
2012-01-23 Grant SlaterMinor typo fix
2012-01-23 Tom HughesAdd bowser
2012-01-18 Grant SlaterRevert "Move tile.osm.org traffic to static cache on...
2012-01-17 Grant SlaterMove tile.osm.org traffic to static cache on orm
2012-01-17 Grant SlaterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.openstreetmap.org...
2012-01-15 Tom HughesUpdate HOT records
2012-01-11 Tom HughesAdd experimental osticket alias
2011-12-31 Grant SlaterMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.openstreetmap.org...
2011-12-06 Tom HughesAdd thinkup.openstreetmap.org
2011-11-16 Tom HughesAdd DNS records for gorwen
2011-11-10 Grant Slateradd albi again
2011-11-08 Grant SlaterRemove albi from tile pool
2011-11-03 Grant SlaterTile traffic back to normal proxies
2011-11-03 Grant SlaterSwitch tiles to static backup on orm
2011-10-12 Tom HughesAdd dns.openstreetmap.org
2011-10-12 Grant SlaterMove back to normal tile proxies
2011-10-12 Grant SlaterSwitch Tiles to Backup
2011-10-12 Tom HughesSwitching tile back to normal proxies
2011-10-12 Grant SlaterSwitch Tiles to Backup
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterSwitching tile back to normal proxies.
2011-10-05 Grant SlaterSwitching konqi tile traffic to orm
2011-10-03 Tom HughesAdjust geographic mappings for tile
2011-10-03 Tom HughesAdd records for specific geographic zones for tiles
2011-10-03 Tom HughesSet a reasonable TTL on the geo.openstreetmap.org deleg...
2011-10-03 Tom HughesDelegate geo.openstreetmap.org
2011-09-30 Tom HughesAdd puff back to DNS in it's new home
2011-09-21 Tom HughesAdd external address for zark
2011-09-16 Tom HughesAdd external address for eustace
2011-09-12 Tom HughesAdd zark to DNS
2011-09-09 Tom HughesAdd www back to soup
2011-09-09 Tom HughesSwap www to fiddlestick
2011-09-09 Tom HughesRemove www from fiddlestick
2011-09-09 Tom HughesPut www onto soup
2011-09-09 Tom HughesReplace puff with soup
2011-09-09 Tom HughesRemove www from puff
2011-09-08 Grant SlaterPoint tile.osm.org to live proxy
2011-09-08 Grant SlaterSwitch a.tile, b.tile and c.tile back to normal proxies
2011-09-07 Grant SlaterMove tile traffic to static cache
2011-09-02 Grant SlaterAdd parent.tile.osm.org
2011-08-25 Tom HughesAdd urmel anf faffy
2011-08-25 Grant SlaterSend tile traffic back to normal proxies
2011-08-25 Grant SlaterPoint tile traffic to orm - yevaud maintenance
2011-08-04 Grant Slaterless tile on ucl, connect count limit problem.
2011-07-31 Grant SlaterMove tile traffic back to live edge caches.
2011-07-30 Grant SlaterPoint tile traffic to orm - static tiles. Point stateof...
2011-07-29 Tom HughesBring fiddlestick into the web cluster
2011-07-29 Tom HughesRemove fiddlestick from www alias for now
2011-07-29 Tom HughesReplace fuchur with fiddlestick
2011-07-29 Tom HughesDrop fuchur from the DNS for www
2011-07-26 Tom HughesAdd OOB entries for fiddlestick, soup and eustace
2011-07-26 Tom HughesRemove bogus .org suffixes
2011-07-26 Tom HughesAdd eustace
2011-07-26 Tom HughesAdd fiddlestick and soup to the DNS
2011-07-25 Grant SlaterSwitch tile traffic back to proxies
2011-07-25 Grant SlaterSwitching tiles back to orm.
2011-07-25 Grant SlaterTile DNS back to proxies
2011-07-25 Grant SlaterSwitching to tile traffic to orm. Yevaud broke. Static...
2011-07-22 Grant SlaterPoint c.tile back to albi.
2011-07-22 Grant SlaterMove tile traffic off albi to konqi. Albi partial outage
2011-07-17 Grant Slaterswitch tile traffic back to proxies
2011-07-16 Grant SlaterPoint all remaining tile.osm.org traffic to orm
2011-07-15 Grant SlaterSwitch just tile. to orm static cache
2011-07-15 Grant SlaterPoint nominatim to orm proxy
2011-07-15 Grant SlaterLowering TTL on selected UCL based services
2011-06-24 Tom HughesAdd fuchur back into the www alias
2011-06-24 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for move of fuchur and norbert to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTLs on konqi in case it needs to change...
2011-06-23 Tom HughesAdd managed switches at IC to DNS
2011-06-23 Tom HughesMove www over to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for first phase of move to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesDrop puff from www duties