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2016-09-11 Tom HughesForce axes to start at zero for composite network graphs
2016-09-11 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v2.43.0
2016-09-10 Grant SlaterTweak odin squid params
2016-09-10 Tom HughesAdd shorewall zone for odin
2016-09-10 Tom HughesAdd role for odin
2016-09-09 Tom HughesSwitch yevaud to postgres 9.5
2016-09-09 Grant Slaterimagery: remove old coct test layer
2016-09-09 Grant Slaterimagery: remove faulty coct drift2
2016-09-09 Grant Slaterimagery: add coct drift2 test
2016-09-08 Grant Slaterimagery: remove old coct layers
2016-09-08 Grant Slaterimagery: remove layer yml on delete
2016-09-08 Tom HughesConfigure the thunderforest API key
2016-09-07 Tom HughesDon't update statistics if generation fails
2016-09-07 Grant SlaterSwitch tilecache is_browser acl to better defined list
2016-09-07 Matt AmosFix rubocop warning.
2016-09-07 Matt AmosMake missing variable a local method.
2016-09-07 Matt AmosFix typo.
2016-09-07 Matt AmosSplit up large method to make rubocop happy.
2016-09-07 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-09-07 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/89'
2016-09-07 Matt AmosFsync all the things, all the time.
2016-09-07 Tom HughesPreload flush.so when running osmosis
2016-09-07 Tom HughesAdd a small preload library to flush files on close
2016-09-07 Matt AmosMore explicit syncing, and sync the directories too...
2016-09-07 Tom HughesFinish compressed file before syncing it
2016-09-07 Tom HughesWrite temporary data file to same disk as real one
2016-09-07 Tom HughesFlush changeset data to disk before making it live
2016-09-07 Grant Slaterimagery: coct drift rev bump
2016-09-07 Grant Slaterimagery: coct new drift test
2016-09-06 Tom HughesAvoid redeclaring apache service resource
2016-09-06 Tom HughesMake monthly rerendering of low zoom tiles more robust
2016-09-06 Tom HughesFix typo
2016-09-06 Tom HughesUse long key IDs
2016-09-06 Tom HughesCorrect mediawiki key ID
2016-09-06 Tom HughesUpdate HP key
2016-09-05 Tom HughesBlock spam sender
2016-09-05 Tom HughesInstall php-xml for utf8_decode
2016-09-05 Tom HughesFix a few forum configuration issues
2016-09-05 Tom HughesAdd forum configuration file
2016-09-05 Tom HughesHarden forum web server config
2016-09-05 Tom HughesDefault forum to https
2016-09-05 Tom HughesPull forum code from openstreetmap repository
2016-09-04 Tom HughesRemove expired apt keys
2016-09-02 Tom HughesSwitch orm to postgres 9.5
2016-09-02 Tom HughesFix combined request graph
2016-09-01 Grant Slaterimagery: add coct drift test
2016-09-01 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-09-01 Tom HughesRework squid compound requests graph
2016-09-01 Grant Slaterimagery: remove coct hart94 test
2016-09-01 Grant Slaterimagery: add coct Hartebeesthoek94 reprojected source
2016-08-31 Tom HughesFix typo
2016-08-31 Tom HughesAdd cache hit rate graphs to consolidated reports
2016-08-31 Grant SlaterRevert "imagery: do not oversample in mapserver"
2016-08-31 Grant Slaterimagery: update coct config
2016-08-31 Grant Slaterimagery: do not oversample in mapserver
2016-08-31 Grant Slaterimagery: fix coct bbox
2016-08-31 Tom HughesAvoid errors cleaning export files
2016-08-29 Tom HughesAdd spam block
2016-08-27 Tom HughesAdd gregrs to dev users
2016-08-27 Tom HughesAdd #openrailwaymap to IRC channels
2016-08-27 Matt AmosMerge delay pools for faked browsers and no-referer...
2016-08-27 Grant Slaterimagery: switch CoCT aerial to prewarped file
2016-08-27 Grant Slatertilecache: block fake FF UA
2016-08-27 Grant Slatertilecache: Add new delay pool for faked UAs
2016-08-26 Tom HughesUpdate default SSL cipher list and remove tilecache...
2016-08-26 Grant Slatertilecache: enable http2 again
2016-08-26 Grant Slatertilecache: override default ssl ciphers
2016-08-26 Grant SlaterRevert "tile: enable http2 for ssl caches"
2016-08-26 Tom HughesRelax ACL
2016-08-26 Grant Slatertile: enable http2 for ssl caches
2016-08-26 Tom HughesAdd another spam block
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: remove broken coct 2013 imagery
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: increase coct aerial zoom
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: fix role typo
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: add coct aerial
2016-08-25 Tom HughesAvoid cloning directory resources in the tile recipe
2016-08-25 Tom HughesDrop renderd syslog config on 16.04
2016-08-25 Tom HughesOnly configure unattended-upgrades once it is installed
2016-08-25 Tom HughesDrop thinkup.openstreetmap.org
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: update gb_ea_2015 source file
2016-08-25 Tom HughesExpire DWG wiki backups
2016-08-24 Tom HughesUbuntu 16.04 uses mapnik 3.0
2016-08-24 Tom HughesFix more uses of deprecated features
2016-08-24 Tom HughesFix more uses of deprecated features
2016-08-24 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-08-24 Tom HughesFix use of deprecated features
2016-08-24 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 12.13.37
2016-08-24 Tom HughesRemove old and unused chef-server logrotate config
2016-08-24 Tom HughesOnly run asset cleanup script if it exists
2016-08-24 Tom HughesReduce cache memory limit on jakelong
2016-08-23 Tom HughesBlock another web site with a spam friendly form
2016-08-23 Tom HughesUse fonts-droid-fallback on Ubuntu 16.04
2016-08-22 Tom HughesBroaden sender block
2016-08-22 Tom HughesAdd role for vial
2016-08-22 Tom HughesBlock a sender of spam backscatter
2016-08-21 Tom HughesBlock a sender of spam backscatter
2016-08-21 Tom HughesBlock bounce messages to certain users
2016-08-19 Sarah Hoffmannadd function to create and delete tablespaces
2016-08-17 Tom HughesUpdate CiviCRM to 4.6.20
2016-08-15 Tom HughesAdd max_wal_size support for postgresql 9.5