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2016-11-22 Tom HughesFix tile server log rotation
2016-11-22 Tom HughesTune apache on web frontends
2016-11-22 Tom HughesSend root email from longma to local admins
2016-11-22 Jochen TopfUpdate libosmium and osmium-tool on taginfo server.
2016-11-21 Tom HughesFix git hook to avoid the shell misinterpreting ^revisi...
2016-11-19 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: reduce number of logs kept
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 2.17.1
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUbuntu 12.04 doesn't understand --preallocate
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate zsh configuration
2016-11-14 Tom HughesMove GPX import to spike-01
2016-11-14 Tom HughesBlock ticketmaster spam
2016-11-12 Tom HughesExclude /run/user/* from df and df_inode graphs
2016-11-12 Grant SlaterUse rsync preallocate files to avoid fragmentation
2016-11-11 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-11-11 Grant SlaterImagery: Update CoCT 2013 revision
2016-11-11 Grant SlaterImagery: Update CoCT 2013 to full resolution file
2016-11-09 Tom HughesDiscard bounces to mailman-loop
2016-11-09 Tom HughesEnsure nginx is running
2016-11-08 Tom HughesBlock pkget.com
2016-11-04 Tom HughesMove GPX import to spike-04
2016-11-04 Tom HughesIncrease postgres connection limits
2016-10-31 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate hooks to run rubocop and foodcritic via bundler
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate IPv6 gateway address for cmok
2016-10-28 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 2.17.0
2016-10-27 Tom HughesUpdate forum to fluxbb 1.5.10
2016-10-27 Tom HughesTune apache on tile servers to avoid repeated up/down...
2016-10-27 Tom HughesCertificates are now file resources
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd tests for the forum cookbook
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd self-signed SSL certificates and keys for testing
2016-10-27 Tom HughesMove SSL certificates to private repository
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd tests for mysql cookbook
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd tests for accounts cookbook
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd tests for munin::server recipe
2016-10-27 Jochen TopfTaginfo repository moved to its own organization.
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd a few tests
2016-10-27 Tom HughesDon't rely on ohai hardware plugin having been run
2016-10-27 Tom HughesAdd basic tests for apache cookbook
2016-10-26 Tom HughesOnly try and restart munin-node if the munin recipe...
2016-10-26 Tom HughesAdd basic tests for bind cookbook
2016-10-26 Tom HughesUpdate apt cache before running kitchen test suites
2016-10-24 Tom HughesMake sure shenron uses the correct network configuration
2016-10-24 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: switch apache reload method for logrotate
2016-10-23 Tom HughesSet nomerge for nvme6n1 on karm
2016-10-23 Tom HughesSwitch IC machines to use karm for readonly queries
2016-10-23 Jochen TopfUpdate libosmium and osmium-tool on taginfo server.
2016-10-22 Grant Slatersupybot: fix incorrect repo branches
2016-10-22 Grant Slatersupybot: more aggressive init stop
2016-10-22 Grant Slatersupybot: attempt to fix for osmlab-editor-layer-index...
2016-10-22 Grant Slatersupybot: switch to git:// instead of ssh based git...
2016-10-22 Grant Slatersupybot git: add forum, osmosis, editor-layer-index...
2016-10-22 Tom HughesReload apache when forum code changes
2016-10-22 Tom HughesAdd forum to backup expiry list
2016-10-21 Tom HughesOnly restart chef-client after log rotation if it is...
2016-10-21 Tom HughesUpdate the openstreetmap PPA on every run
2016-10-21 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-10-20 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-10-20 Tom HughesUse ruby 2.3.1 for travis
2016-10-20 Tom HughesConfigure GeoIP database for web site
2016-10-20 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-10-20 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-10-20 Tom HughesRemove quova settings
2016-10-20 Grant Slatertilecache: remove historical whitelist entries
2016-10-20 Tom HughesRestart cgimap on upgrade
2016-10-20 Tom HughesUpgrade cgimap automatically
2016-10-20 Tom HughesConvert api-statistics to a systemd service
2016-10-20 Tom HughesMove thorn-02 and thorn-03 back to ramoth
2016-10-20 Tom HughesMove thorn-01 back to ramoth
2016-10-20 Tom HughesSwitch load to katla temporarily to reboot ramoth
2016-10-20 Grant SlaterSwitch apt allow-downgrades for force-yes for backward...
2016-10-20 Grant Slaterhp-health service does not support reload
2016-10-20 Grant SlaterAdd option to force hp-health downgrade
2016-10-20 Grant SlaterDowngrade hp-health package due to startup issues in...
2016-10-20 Grant Slatertilecache: increase https tile speed
2016-10-18 Tom HughesFix foodcritic warning
2016-10-18 Tom HughesFix typo
2016-10-17 Grant SlaterRemove traces of hp-legacy which break modern hp-health
2016-10-17 Tom HughesAvoid passing mysqldump passwords on the command line
2016-10-17 Tom HughesEnable backups for the forum
2016-10-17 Tom HughesRemove hp-g5 role from thorn-0[123]
2016-10-17 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for clifford
2016-10-17 Tom HughesUpdate OOB MAC address for clifford
2016-10-17 Tom HughesUpdate clifford for hardware switch from G5 to G6
2016-10-16 Tom HughesSort logstash server firewall rules by node name
2016-10-16 Tom HughesSort git server firewall rules by node name
2016-10-16 Tom HughesUse smartd as the service name on 16.04
2016-10-16 Tom HughesMake map export report an error on resource exhaustion
2016-10-14 Tom HughesUse consistent permissions for planet history directory
2016-10-14 Tom HughesSort allow/deny lists in rsyncd.conf
2016-10-14 Tom HughesConfigure worker mpm parameters on ironbelly
2016-10-14 Tom HughesSort rsyncd module definitions
2016-10-14 Tom HughesThe NFS server service is now nfs-server
2016-10-14 Tom HughesStop fight chef-server over configuration file permissions
2016-10-14 Tom HughesSwitch ironbelly to worker mpm
2016-10-14 Sarah Hoffmanndisable nominatim backups
2016-10-12 Grant Slaterimagery: coct 2013 should not be default layer
2016-10-12 Grant Slaterimagery: add CoCT 2013 imagery
2016-10-12 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v2.44.1
2016-10-12 Tom HughesSwitch karm to postgres 9.1 and make it a slave