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2016-05-29 Grant SlaterImagery: add cache busting revision number
2016-05-29 Grant Slaterimagery: use fastcgi_cache_use_stale supported only
2016-05-29 Grant Slaterimagery: tune nginx fastcgi cache params
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterFix nginx cache zone in imagery
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterFix nginx cache paths
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterAdd nginx caching support + enable for imagery
2016-05-29 Tom HughesUpdate imagery cookbook for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-29 Tom HughesUse ruby 2.3 for taginfo
2016-05-29 Tom HughesDon't complain if the Rails app isn't running
2016-05-28 Tom HughesUpdate yournavigation cookbook for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-28 Tom HughesReduce cache memory on jakelong
2016-05-28 Tom HughesDon't use the brightbox ruby repo on Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-28 Tom HughesUpgrade munin mysql plugin for mysql 5.7 support
2016-05-28 Tom HughesUpdate piwik cookbook for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-27 Tom HughesUpdate rrdcached configuration for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-26 Tom HughesUpdate forum cookbook for Ubuntu 16.04
2016-05-25 Tom HughesCorrect interface name for konqi
2016-05-23 Tom HughesEnable request merging for NVMe devices
2016-05-23 Tom HughesUpdate interface name for simurgh
2016-05-22 Tom HughesFix detection of NVME disks
2016-05-22 Tom HughesInstall isdct on machines with Intel SSDs
2016-05-21 Tom HughesMake users-agreed a template
2016-05-20 Tom HughesDon't try and tune nr_requests on jakelong
2016-05-20 Tom HughesUpdate IPv6 gateway address for jakelong
2016-05-19 Tom HughesIncrease postgres connection limit
2016-05-18 Tom HughesEnable GPX import on spike-04
2016-05-18 Tom HughesDisable GPX import on spike-01
2016-05-18 Grant SlaterFix DB readonly typo
2016-05-18 Grant SlaterMove readonly load to katla
2016-05-18 Tom HughesMake all web servers use the IC memcached servers
2016-05-18 Tom HughesFix identification of HP RID controllers with newer...
2016-05-17 Tom HughesUse default template for osmadmins PPA
2016-05-17 Tom HughesPush postgresql version selection down to nodes for...
2016-05-17 Tom HughesRequire postgres 9.3 on poldi and pummelzacken
2016-05-17 Sarah Hoffmanndisable db replication between pummelzacken and poldi
2016-05-16 Tom HughesSend upload requests to the Bytemark backends
2016-05-16 Tom HughesEnable gpximport, statistics and cleanup roles on spike-01
2016-05-16 Tom HughesMove readonly database load to ramoth
2016-05-16 Tom HughesDisable gpximport, statistics and cleanup roles on...
2016-05-16 Tom HughesExclude loop and rtc from default modules in 16.04
2016-05-16 Tom HughesOnly use ?SECTION on 16.04
2016-05-16 Tom HughesUse ttyS1 on karm
2016-05-16 Tom HughesAdd OOB ssh fingerprints for karm
2016-05-16 Tom HughesUse systemd to manage serial getty on 16.04 machines
2016-05-16 Tom HughesAdd leading ? to SECTION line in shorewall rules
2016-05-16 Tom HughesRemove some deprecated shorewall config options
2016-05-16 Tom HughesCreate shorewall config files before trying to start it
2016-05-16 Tom HughesAdd role for karm
2016-05-16 Grant SlaterFix mediawiki site_notice/site_readonly attributes
2016-05-16 Tom HughesForce axis to start at zero for postgres replication...
2016-05-16 Grant SlaterEnable imagery role again on kessie
2016-05-16 Tom HughesEnable replication on ironbelly
2016-05-16 Tom HughesDisable replication on grisu
2016-05-16 Tom HughesRemove readonly notice from wiki
2016-05-15 Tom HughesFix indentation
2016-05-15 Tom HughesAllow pushing backups from Bytemark machines
2016-05-14 Grant SlaterAdd wiki site notice support
2016-05-13 Grant SlaterFix mediawiki attribute type
2016-05-13 Grant SlaterAdd wiki site_readonly notice
2016-05-13 Grant SlaterAdd wiki role to kessie
2016-05-13 Tom HughesEnable gpximport, statistics and cleanup roles on spike-04
2016-05-13 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: disable reverse forwarding to poldi
2016-05-13 Tom HughesMove readonly load to katla
2016-05-13 Tom HughesEnable mod_cgid on planet servers
2016-05-13 Tom HughesDisable gpximport, statistics and cleanup roles on...
2016-05-13 Tom HughesDisable replication on ironbelly
2016-05-13 Tom HughesTrust IPs reported by Bytemark frontends
2016-05-12 Tom HughesCentralise definition of read/write and readonly databa...
2016-05-12 Tom HughesDisable compression on VPN links
2016-05-12 Tom HughesReport full stack traces when jekyll fails
2016-05-11 Tom HughesReduce number of nginx logs kept on tile caches
2016-05-11 Tom HughesFix database server name for users-agreed script
2016-05-11 Tom HughesAllow machines at bytemark to push logs to ironbelly
2016-05-10 Tom HughesDrop memache configuration for gpx-import
2016-05-10 Tom HughesMake sure cgimap uses the correct backends
2016-05-10 Tom HughesStart serial terminal on S0 for machines at Exonetric
2016-05-10 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for kessie
2016-05-10 Tom HughesStart serial terminal on S0 for machines at Bytemark
2016-05-09 Tom HughesRequire gems
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUse new syntax to configure ohai plugin path
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 12.9.41
2016-05-09 Tom HughesDeclare gem dependencies in metadata
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate database address for changeset replication
2016-05-09 Tom HughesDisable replication on grisu
2016-05-09 Andy AllanAdd server location description to aws
2016-05-09 Tom HughesFix munin for internal-only hosts at Bytemark
2016-05-09 Tom HughesAllow database connections from VPN addresses
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate database address for replication
2016-05-09 Tom HughesAllow database connections from the Bytemark network
2016-05-09 Tom HughesSwitch back to read-write on katla
2016-05-09 Tom HughesFix tunnel names
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUse location specific backends for memcache servers
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate katla and grisu for move to Bytemark
2016-05-09 Tom HughesSwitch site to readonly mode on ramoth
2016-05-08 Tom HughesMake web servers at Bytemark use grisu as the fileserver
2016-05-08 Tom HughesBring up slave interfaces
2016-05-07 Tom HughesUse fully qualified name for katla
2016-05-07 Tom HughesUpdate DNS search domains for Bytemark machines
2016-05-07 Tom HughesMake web frontends use backends in the same location
2016-05-06 Tom HughesMake cgimap stop and reload use the PID file