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Update to iD v1.5.4
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2014-07-29 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.5.4
2014-07-25 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.5.3
2014-07-21 Tom HughesMerge branch 'rails41'
2014-07-15 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.5.2
2014-07-10 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.5.1
2014-07-09 Aaron LidmanUpdate to iD v1.5.0
2014-06-25 Tom HughesUpdate to latest leaflet-osm plugin
2014-06-04 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.4.0
2014-05-23 Tom HughesUpdate to latest leaflet-locationfilter plugin
2014-05-23 Tom HughesReapply leaflet.locate patch
2014-05-23 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet.locate
2014-05-23 Tom HughesUpdate to Leaflet 0.7.3
2014-05-21 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.10
2014-04-09 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.9
2014-03-28 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.8
2014-03-08 Matt AmosMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2014-03-04 Tom HughesUpdate to Leaflet 0.7.2
2014-02-26 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.7
2014-02-08 Tom HughesFix some mixed content issues
2014-02-05 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.6
2014-01-10 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.5
2013-12-11 Tom HughesUpdate jquery.cookie
2013-12-06 Tom HughesReapply leaflet.locate patch
2013-12-06 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet.locate
2013-12-06 Tom HughesUpdate to Leaflet 0.7.1
2013-12-03 Tom HughesUse jQuery Simulate to simulate click events
2013-11-28 Tom HughesMerge branch 'redesign'
2013-11-27 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.4
2013-11-23 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.3
2013-11-19 John FirebaughMerge branch 'master' into redesign
2013-11-18 Tom HughesUpdate to latest leaflet-locationfilter plugin
2013-11-18 Tom HughesUpdate to latest leaflet-osm plugin
2013-11-18 Tom HughesUpdate to latest Leaflet-hash plugin
2013-11-18 Tom HughesUpdate to Leaflet 0.7
2013-11-16 John FirebaughMerge branch 'master' into redesign
2013-11-15 John FirebaughUse html5shiv for IE8 compatibility
2013-11-15 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.2
2013-11-13 John FirebaughPatch Leaflet bug
2013-11-11 John Firebaughpreserve visual center of map on sidebar transitions
2013-11-11 John FirebaughUse our own hash implementation
2013-10-26 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.1
2013-10-24 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.3.0
2013-10-13 John FirebaughFix export location filter button
2013-10-13 John FirebaughFix display of browsed objects on map
2013-10-01 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.2.1
2013-09-26 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.2.0
2013-09-23 Tom HughesAdd HOT layer to the main page
2013-09-13 Tom HughesFix sizing of scale control
2013-08-24 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.1.6
2013-08-23 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.1.5
2013-08-23 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/id-default'
2013-08-23 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/user-display'
2013-08-22 John FirebaughCompact user menu
2013-08-20 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-605-gbec0ea7 build
2013-08-20 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-603-gebdfa12 build
2013-08-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/welcome-2'
2013-08-17 John FirebaughUpdate to iD 1.1.4
2013-08-15 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.1.3
2013-08-13 Grant SlaterTweak layer levels
2013-08-12 John FirebaughUpdate to iD v1.1.2
2013-08-09 John FirebaughiD 1.1.1
2013-08-09 John FirebaughiD 1.1.0
2013-08-08 John FirebaughReapply patch
2013-08-08 John FirebaughUpdate leaflet.locate (fixes #438)
2013-08-07 John FirebaughTooltips for map controls
2013-08-06 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-596-gc119528 build
2013-08-06 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/map-ui'
2013-08-05 John FirebaughPort fix for Leaflet issue #1919
2013-08-05 John FirebaughRecenter marker on map pan/zoom
2013-08-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/hash'
2013-07-30 John FirebaughUpdate hash on P2 and iD edit pages and throttle
2013-07-30 John FirebaughUse leaflet-hash
2013-07-19 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/map-ui'
2013-07-18 John FirebaughFix locate button style
2013-07-18 Saman Bemel-Benrudstarting to cleanup+style map controls.
2013-07-18 Tom MacWrightAdd leaflet-locate control, invisible currently.
2013-07-18 Tom MacWrightRemove pan and zoom controls
2013-07-18 Tom HughesGive up on automatic resizing of text areas
2013-07-17 Tom HughesUpdate Leaflet to 0.6.3
2013-06-27 Tom HughesUpdate Leaflet to 0.6.1
2013-06-26 Tom HughesUpdate Leaflet.zoomslider
2013-06-26 Tom HughesUpdate Leaflet to 0.6
2013-06-17 Peter WendorffUpdate OpenStreetMap.js with correct attribution
2013-05-14 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet-osm
2013-05-10 John FirebaughUpdate to iD 1.0.1
2013-05-07 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'osmlab/id-editor-embed'
2013-05-06 John FirebaughUpdate to iD 1.0.0
2013-05-03 John FirebaughUpdate iD, set locale
2013-05-03 John FirebaughUpdate iD
2013-05-03 John FirebaughFix edit links on browse and changeset pages
2013-05-03 John FirebaughUpdate iD; clean up OAuth configuration
2013-05-03 Tom MacWrightAdd iD editor
2013-04-29 Tom HughesHandle empty arguments when computing the OAuth base...
2013-04-28 Tom HughesUpdate ohauth and switch to using the new headerGenerat...
2013-04-27 Tom HughesEncode parameters correctly when building an OAuth...
2013-04-23 Tom HughesMerge branch 'notes'
2013-04-17 Tom HughesUpdate jQuery Autogrow Textarea Plugin to v3.0
2013-04-16 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into notes
2013-04-08 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into notes
2013-04-08 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-584-g996bb4d build