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2018-12-12 Tom HughesFix munin replication plugin to work with osmium based...
2018-12-12 Tom HughesSwitch tile servers to use osmium for fetching diffs
2018-12-08 Tom HughesAdd ramoth OOB to dhcp config
2018-12-08 Tom HughesRemove database slave role from ramoth
2018-12-08 Grant SlaterUpdate ramoth eth interfaces
2018-12-08 Tom HughesDeploy 2019.stateofthemap.org
2018-12-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for pyrene
2018-11-28 Tom HughesExempt wikibase redirects from being rewritten to wiki...
2018-11-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/207'
2018-11-28 Yuri AstrakhanAdd Apache redirects for wiki
2018-11-25 Tom HughesTry to fix OTRS queuing
2018-11-25 Tom HughesUpdate to use otrs.Console.pl for mail queue injection
2018-11-25 Paul NormanAdd a queue for the MWG on OTRS
2018-11-24 Tom HughesInstall zlib1g-dev for nokogiri
2018-11-23 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.17.0
2018-11-20 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.7.0
2018-11-19 Tigerfellremoving non-functional web page from allowed external...
2018-11-19 Tom HughesSet a long timeout for dev instances proxying to cgimap
2018-11-19 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2018-11-19 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/202'
2018-11-18 Tigerfelladding automatic double redirect resolution
2018-11-05 Tom HughesUpdate CiviCRM extensions to latest versions
2018-11-05 Tom HughesUpdate CiviCRM to 5.6.1
2018-11-01 Tom HughesRun a job queue runner for each rails instance
2018-10-31 Tom HughesFix log rotation for dev apis
2018-10-28 Yuri AstrakhanAdded support for enableEntitySearchUI
2018-10-19 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.16.0
2018-10-19 Tom HughesAllow an optional .json extension on cgimap methods
2018-10-19 Tom HughesAdd --enable-yajl when configuring cgimap
2018-10-19 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.6.1
2018-10-18 Tom HughesIncrease memory and disk cache size on jakelong
2018-10-14 Tom HughesRun composer for CirrusSearch
2018-10-14 Tom HughesRevert "Add Maps extension to the main wiki"
2018-10-14 Tom HughesAdd Maps extension to the main wiki
2018-10-14 Tom HughesUpdate CiviCRM to 5.6.0
2018-10-05 Tom HughesUse a letsencrypt certificate for the main mail server
2018-10-05 Tom HughesAdd optimised gnutls cipher string to SSL cookbook...
2018-10-05 Tom HughesImprove SMTP cipher selection
2018-10-05 Tom HughesPrefer server cipher ordering for SMTP
2018-10-05 Tom HughesDisable RC4, MD5 and SHA1 for SMTP encryption
2018-10-05 Tom HughesRedirect all HTTP except openstreetmap.org straight...
2018-10-05 Tom HughesDisable SSLv3 for SMTP connections
2018-10-03 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for jakelong
2018-10-02 Tom HughesRestore redirect from http://openstreetmap.org to https...
2018-10-01 Tom HughesDon't configure a flood_stage watermark for elasticsear...
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUse java 8 for logstash
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUpdate elasticsearch configuraiton for 6.x
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUpgrade logstash to the 6.x release stream
2018-09-27 Yuri AstrakhanDisable Wikibase custom searchbox
2018-09-26 Yuri AstrakhanInclude WB items in regular search results by dflt
2018-09-26 Yuri AstrakhanRaise maximum call limits for Lua parser funcs
2018-09-26 Tom HughesReduce log history for render servers
2018-09-25 Tom HughesAllow ssh on port 45222
2018-09-25 Tom HughesAdd role for cherufe
2018-09-24 Tom HughesSet action to "nothing" explicitly when using passenger...
2018-09-24 Tom HughesExplicitly define a "nothing" action for passenger_appl...
2018-09-24 Tom HughesRemove munin plugin config file for passenger as it...
2018-09-24 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/193'
2018-09-24 Yuri Astrakhanincrease lua cpu running limit
2018-09-21 Tom HughesUse full path for runuser
2018-09-21 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.15.0
2018-09-19 Tom HughesRemove unused OWL role and cookbook
2018-09-19 Tom HughesRemove role for zark
2018-09-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/191'
2018-09-18 Yuri Astrakhanallow wikibase editing
2018-09-18 Yuri Astrakhanset up formatterUrlProperty for Wikibase
2018-09-17 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for pyrene
2018-09-17 Tom HughesDrop OWL dev site
2018-09-17 Tom HughesAdd log rotation for dev apis
2018-09-17 Tom HughesUpdate ssh fingerprints for OOB cards
2018-09-17 Tom HughesUpdate MAC addresses for OOB on draco, grindtooth and...
2018-09-16 Tom HughesSend changeset uploads to cgimap for dev apis
2018-09-16 Tom HughesSpecify critical flag when creating a temporary certificate
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAdd a dev api instance to test the upload branch
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAdd support for using cgimap with dev api instances
2018-09-16 Tom HughesFix configuration of mediawiki TitleBlacklist extension
2018-09-16 Tom HughesRemove redundant guard for old-style mediawiki extensio...
2018-09-16 Tom HughesInstall php-zip for composer
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAdd the Wikibase extension to the main wiki
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAllow taginfo to set PASSENGER_INSTANCE_REGISTRY_DIR
2018-09-16 Tom HughesUpdate CiviCRM to 5.3.1
2018-09-16 Tom HughesRun planet update as root
2018-09-15 Tom HughesUse a single tile store on yevaud
2018-09-15 Tom HughesIterate jobs properly
2018-09-15 Tom HughesCorrect taginfo update job
2018-09-15 Tom HughesRemove redundant code
2018-09-15 Tom HughesUse a planet-current role to handle keeping an up to...
2018-09-15 Tom HughesSwitch taginfo to use planet::current
2018-09-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/183'
2018-09-15 Tom HughesConvert cplanet to be a recipe in the planet cookbook
2018-09-15 Tom HughesRework cplanet file locations
2018-09-14 Tom HughesMake taginfo handle planet updates that need multiple...
2018-09-14 Tom HughesRemove hp-dl360-g6 role from grindtooth
2018-09-14 Grant Slaterupdate sarel interface names. now G7
2018-09-14 Tom HughesHandle planet updates that need multiple passes correctly
2018-09-14 Tom HughesSuppress some foodcritic warnings
2018-09-13 Grant Slatermediawiki: minor styling change
2018-09-13 Tom HughesUpdate IPv6 gateway address on cmok
2018-09-13 Tom HughesComplete the renaming of private to private_site
2018-09-12 Tom HughesUse openssl_dhparam to create dhparam files