2012-12-01 Kai KruegerRemove nearby_place from the note model
2012-11-20 Tom HughesGet the notes tests working again
2012-11-20 Tom HughesFix formatting of comments in the notes RSS feed
2012-11-20 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into notes
2012-11-20 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-534-g63a3364 build
2012-11-20 Tom HughesPotlatch 2 localisation updates
2012-11-20 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-11-20 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-11-19 Tom HughesRework RTL handling to keep rules together
2012-11-18 Tom HughesFix rendering of PanZoom control in RTL mode
2012-11-16 Tom HughesConfigure CORS to allow GET and POST to /oauth
2012-11-16 Tom HughesAlways use the canonical host name in diary RSS feeds
2012-11-15 Tom HughesDon't use hard coded value in "one" pluralization rule
2012-11-13 Tom HughesUpdated Potlatch 2 to 2.3-529-g5446b49 build
2012-11-12 Tom HughesOnly call force_encoding on ruby 1.9
2012-11-12 Tom HughesFix bogus test
2012-11-12 Tom HughesMonkey patch field_changed? support until CPK is updated
2012-11-12 Tom HughesUpdate to rails 3.2.9
2012-11-12 Eric TheiseFixing typo and outdated information
2012-11-12 Tom HughesUse counter caches to improve spam scoring
2012-11-10 Tom HughesFix interpolation variables
2012-11-10 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-515-gd4558d1 build
2012-11-10 Tom HughesPotlatch 2 localisation updates
2012-11-10 Eric TheiseFixing two typos
2012-11-07 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-11-05 Tom HughesRework signup emails a bit
2012-11-05 John FirebaughSupport semicolon as parameter delimiter
2012-11-04 Tom HughesAllow mass assignment of user preference keys and values
2012-11-04 Tom HughesUse binary mode for trace files
2012-11-01 Tom HughesTweak Potlatch maximisation a bit more
2012-11-01 Tom HughesMake full screen mode in Potlatch work properly again
2012-11-01 Tom HughesMake sure we always read the body of a PUT or POST...
2012-11-01 Tom HughesRevert "Add a newline to the end of the body when repor...
2012-11-01 Tom HughesAdd a newline to the end of the body when reporting...
2012-11-01 Tom HughesUse zip instead of SyncEnumerator in statistics script
2012-10-31 Tom HughesForce encoding in AMF controller
2012-10-31 Saman Bemel... Fix history sidebar for small screens
2012-10-30 Tom HughesUse the asset pipeline to load the sprite
2012-10-30 Tom HughesSimplify handling of verified emails in OpenID signup
2012-10-30 Kai KruegerTrust Google and Yahoo to return valid email addresses
2012-10-30 Saman Bemel... Fix editor view
2012-10-30 Saman Bemel... Change approach to layout in order to fix some weird...
2012-10-29 Tom HughesMove OL control styling to OL theme
2012-10-27 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-10-26 Tom HughesFix RTL issues with the search and donate icons
2012-10-26 Tom HughesMake it easier to test alternative locales
2012-10-26 John FirebaughMake it easier to test RTL layout
2012-10-26 Saman Bemel... Minor style overhaul to sidebar
2012-10-26 Saman Bemel... Removed incorrect margin between zoom in and zoom out...
2012-10-26 GrantAdd /user_blocks/ to robots.txt disallow
2012-10-22 Saman Bemel... Improved user icons
2012-10-22 Grant SlaterRevert "Add SoTM Scotland banner"
2012-10-22 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2012-10-22 John FirebaughAllow cross-origin requests to API
2012-10-22 John FirebaughAvoid unnecessary array allocations
2012-10-21 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-509-g0221790 build
2012-10-21 Tom HughesPotlatch 2 localisation updates
2012-10-20 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-10-18 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-502-g0247dab build
2012-10-18 Grant SlaterAdd SoTM Scotland banner
2012-10-18 Tom HughesUpdate database schema
2012-10-18 Tom HughesImprove the user image selection UI
2012-10-18 Paweł PaprotaImplemented Gravatar support
2012-10-16 Tom HughesRecover properly from a failed notes load
2012-10-16 Tom HughesDisable buttons while form submission is in progress
2012-10-16 Tom HughesUpdate list of filtered methods in notes controller
2012-10-15 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into notes
2012-10-15 Tom HughesReplace htmlize call by rich text to_html call
2012-10-15 Tom HughesReturn the body of a note comment as a rich text object
2012-10-15 Tom HughesFix links to user notes
2012-10-15 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-500-g740307e build
2012-10-15 Tom HughesPotlatch 2 localisation updates
2012-10-15 Tom HughesRemove SOTM US advert
2012-10-15 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net.
2012-10-14 Tom HughesCorrect field name
2012-10-14 Tom HughesFix up issues with notes in the data browser
2012-10-14 Tom HughesRemove unused stylesheet rules
2012-10-14 Tom HughesRemove unused translations
2012-10-14 Tom HughesImprove styling of notes popups
2012-10-14 Tom HughesSet attributes on newly created notes
2012-10-14 Tom HughesRefactor note add/update code
2012-10-14 Tom HughesAllow commenting on, and closing of, notes from the...
2012-10-14 Tom HughesAllow an optional comment to be given when closing...
2012-10-14 Tom HughesReturn a copy of the note data on creation and update
2012-10-14 Tom HughesGet note comment notification working again
2012-10-14 Tom HughesInclude useful URLs in note responses
2012-10-14 Tom HughesUse named routes in note RSS builder
2012-10-14 Tom HughesLocalise notes interface
2012-10-14 Tom HughesUse EJS templates for notes
2012-10-13 Tom HughesRefactor notes code to work with recent site changes
2012-10-13 Tom HughesMerge branch 'master' into notes
2012-10-13 John FirebaughUse ejs templates in browse JS
2012-10-13 John FirebaughUse proj/unproj consistently
2012-10-13 John FirebaughMove browse-related JS to browse.js
2012-10-13 John FirebaughMove export-related JS to export.js
2012-10-13 Tom HughesUpdate database schema
2012-10-13 Tom HughesDrop renaming of sequences
2012-10-13 Tom HughesFix require paths in migrations
2012-10-12 Richard FairhurstProvide example of correct attribution
2012-10-12 Richard FairhurstRemove Potlatch 1 from edit menu