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2010-09-01 Tom HughesRevert "We can cache the trace list for logged in users...
2010-08-30 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://transatewiki.net
2010-08-29 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-08-24 Tom HughesSet the default trace visibility on the upload form
2010-08-24 Tom HughesAllow uncompressed GPX traces to be fetched from the API
2010-08-15 Tom HughesUpdate cyclemap layer to use new tile server
2010-08-13 Tom HughesRename application.yml to example.application.yml
2010-08-13 Ævar Arnfjörð... config/legales/FR.yml: Invalid YAML killed the French...
2010-08-13 Tom HughesAdd french version of text for when there is no decline...
2010-08-13 Tom HughesDon't process overlay layers in old-style layer configu...
2010-08-13 Tom HughesUse normal notice system to display login banner
2010-08-13 Matt AmosAdded login banner letting users more aware of the...
2010-08-12 Tom HughesDon't refer to the decline button when there isn't one
2010-08-12 Frederik RammAdd new <contributor-terms> element to user details
2010-08-11 Grant SlaterCT Intro text amend.
2010-08-11 Tom HughesReorder routes so correct one is selected
2010-08-11 Grant SlaterChange consider_pd_why_url to OSMF site.
2010-08-11 Grant SlaterFix OpenLayers 404 image URL to not redirect
2010-08-11 Grant SlaterSet zero Openlayers Buffer to test influence on server.
2010-08-10 Tom HughesFix spelling of referer
2010-08-10 Tom HughesAllow existing users to voluntarily sign up for the...
2010-08-09 Tom HughesDon't allow paging of the changeset atom feed
2010-08-08 Matt AmosFixed AMF controller to validate changeset comments
2010-08-07 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-08-06 Tom HughesPut global changeset list route after more specific...
2010-08-06 Tom HughesMore reordering routes to put more specific ones first
2010-08-06 Tom HughesMake sure the trace tab always links to the global...
2010-08-06 Tom HughesMore fixed to trace redirection
2010-08-06 Tom HughesReally fix the redirect on trace deletion
2010-08-06 Tom HughesFix redirect on deleting a trace
2010-08-06 Tom HughesFix redirect after a trace is uploaded
2010-08-04 Tom HughesAllow the root directory for data for file columns...
2010-08-04 Tom HughesMove configuration of GPX file locations to application.yml
2010-08-04 Tom HughesRework application configuration
2010-08-04 Tom HughesBring configuration files ino sync with current rails...
2010-07-30 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-07-28 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-07-22 Tom HughesFix scoping of reverse geocode result
2010-07-22 Tom HughesMove the trace upload form from the list to a create...
2010-07-22 Tom HughesWe can cache the trace list for logged in users now
2010-07-22 Tom HughesDon't cache actions with a page number
2010-07-22 Tom HughesRemove use of wildcard cache expiry
2010-07-22 Tom HughesRemove the user type from cache keys
2010-07-22 Tom HughesPresent "too many pending traces" message as a warning box
2010-07-22 Tom HughesConvert trace views to use CSS based user specific...
2010-07-21 Tom HughesConvert diary views to use CSS based user specific...
2010-07-21 Tom HughesAdd support for CSS based control of user specific...
2010-07-21 Tom HughesFix short links to drop the layers param for the defaul...
2010-07-21 Tom HughesDon't change the visibility of layers with no code
2010-07-20 Tom HughesRemove maplint layer fron the map
2010-07-20 Tom HughesMake the suspended user view work again
2010-07-19 Tom HughesDon't put MemoryLimit class in the OSM module as it...
2010-07-19 Tom HughesMake memory limits configurable and make them work...
2010-07-19 Tom HughesFix typo that stopped monkey patch working
2010-07-19 Tom HughesCorrect some exception names
2010-07-12 Tom HughesRevert "Add advert for SOTM 2010 to sidebar"
2010-07-12 Dan KarranIndent relations as well as nodes and ways
2010-07-07 Tom HughesReally get the subject extraction right this time
2010-07-03 Tom HughesRemove maintenance notice
2010-07-02 Tom HughesDisable SQL sessions in database readonly mode
2010-07-01 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from translatewiki.net
2010-06-30 Tom HughesExtract the mail subject correctly
2010-06-30 Tom HughesAdd a notice about the downtime
2010-06-29 Tom HughesUse the correct name for the interpolation variable
2010-06-29 Tom HughesInclude an [OpenStreetMap] prefix on the subject of...
2010-06-28 Tom HughesReject leading and trailing whitespace in display names
2010-06-27 Tom HughesRemove unused routes
2010-06-27 Tom HughesMake changeset browser show an error when the database...
2010-06-26 Tom HughesAdd language codes to diary bodies
2010-06-26 Tom HughesUse the message title as the subject of notification...
2010-06-26 Tom HughesAdd version number based ids to browser history pages
2010-06-22 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-06-20 Dan KarranImprove working of PD question
2010-06-19 Tom HughesAdd timeout to describe_location and handle exceptions
2010-06-17 Ævar Arnfjörð... browse_helper: Correctly link to wiki pages whose keys...
2010-06-17 Ævar Arnfjörð... wiki_pages: Grab a very long "Isle of Man" tag from...
2010-06-17 Ævar Arnfjörð... wiki_pages: Run script/misc/update-wiki-pages
2010-06-17 Ævar Arnfjörð... wiki_pages: The Japanese moved from Ja: to JA:
2010-06-16 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-06-16 Tom HughesLink SOTM advert to the landing page
2010-06-15 Tom HughesCorrect name of ActiveRecord
2010-06-15 Tom HughesMake database offline work in production
2010-06-15 Tom HughesMake database offline mode work
2010-06-14 Tom HughesCompletely replace rails' version of pk_and_sequence_for
2010-06-14 Tom HughesMonkey patch rails to make system table query efficient
2010-06-08 Tom HughesRename layouts.sotm resource to avoid using stale trans...
2010-06-08 Tom HughesAdd advert for SOTM 2010 to sidebar
2010-06-07 Dan KarranRe-using service icon for pedestrian roads
2010-06-07 Dan KarranUsing generic place_of_worship icon instead of Christia...
2010-06-07 Dan KarranAdding health related icons
2010-06-07 Dan KarranMore historic and tourist-related icons
2010-06-07 Dan KarranA few more icons
2010-06-07 Dan KarranAdd strikethrough style to browser when objects are...
2010-06-07 Dan KarranAdding more shop icons
2010-06-07 Dan KarranAdd service road and bike parking icons and update...
2010-06-07 Dan KarranAdding highway _link icons like their main counterparts
2010-06-07 Tom HughesRevert "Switch to using oauth-plugin as a gem"
2010-06-03 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net
2010-05-26 Tom HughesUpdate to rails 2.3.8
2010-05-25 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net