imagery: enable ubuntugis-unstable repo
[chef.git] / roles /
2018-12-20 Grant Slaterimagery: enable ubuntugis-unstable repo
2018-12-19 Grant Slaterimagery: Fix cookbook typo
2018-12-19 Grant Slaterimagery: Add Namibian topo (pending GoFundMe target)
2018-12-14 Grant SlaterAdd basic FTP daemon to angor
2018-12-08 Tom HughesRemove database slave role from ramoth
2018-12-08 Grant SlaterUpdate ramoth eth interfaces
2018-12-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for pyrene
2018-11-25 Tom HughesTry to fix OTRS queuing
2018-11-25 Tom HughesUpdate to use for mail queue injection
2018-11-25 Paul NormanAdd a queue for the MWG on OTRS
2018-11-23 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.17.0
2018-10-19 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.16.0
2018-10-18 Tom HughesIncrease memory and disk cache size on jakelong
2018-10-05 Tom HughesUse a letsencrypt certificate for the main mail server
2018-10-03 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for jakelong
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUpdate elasticsearch configuraiton for 6.x
2018-10-01 Tom HughesUpgrade logstash to the 6.x release stream
2018-09-25 Tom HughesAllow ssh on port 45222
2018-09-25 Tom HughesAdd role for cherufe
2018-09-21 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.15.0
2018-09-19 Tom HughesRemove unused OWL role and cookbook
2018-09-19 Tom HughesRemove role for zark
2018-09-17 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for pyrene
2018-09-17 Tom HughesDrop OWL dev site
2018-09-16 Tom HughesAdd a dev api instance to test the upload branch
2018-09-15 Tom HughesUse a single tile store on yevaud
2018-09-15 Tom HughesCorrect taginfo update job
2018-09-15 Tom HughesUse a planet-current role to handle keeping an up to...
2018-09-15 Tom HughesSwitch taginfo to use planet::current
2018-09-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/183'
2018-09-15 Tom HughesConvert cplanet to be a recipe in the planet cookbook
2018-09-14 Tom HughesRemove hp-dl360-g6 role from grindtooth
2018-09-14 Grant Slaterupdate sarel interface names. now G7
2018-09-13 Tom HughesUpdate IPv6 gateway address on cmok
2018-09-11 Tom HughesAdd taginfo role from stormfly-01
2018-09-11 Tom HughesDrop unused brightbox-ruby-ng repository from ridley
2018-09-11 Tom HughesRemove unused smaug role
2018-09-07 Grant Slaterkessie: only swap in emergency
2018-09-05 Tom HughesSet warning thresholds for some sensors on pyrene
2018-09-03 Tom HughesConfigure pyrene as a render server
2018-09-03 Tom HughesAdd role for pyrene
2018-09-02 Grant Slaterremote hp-g5 role from draco
2018-09-02 Grant Slaterupdate draco interface name
2018-08-30 Tom HughesReduce memory cache size on jakelong
2018-08-29 Tom HughesConfigure the dmca form site on ridley
2018-08-27 Tom HughesRemove odin role
2018-08-26 Tom HughesRevert "Remove IPv6 address for rimfaxe"
2018-08-25 Tom HughesRemove IPv6 address for rimfaxe
2018-08-25 Tom HughesAdd role for rimfaxe
2018-08-25 Jochen TopfFix styling issues.
2018-08-25 Jochen TopfRecipe to keep a local updated planet file.
2018-08-19 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy back into production mode
2018-08-17 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy in import mode
2018-08-17 Sarah Hoffmannmove dulcy to postgresql 10 and postgis 2.4
2018-08-17 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.14.0
2018-08-17 Tom HughesCorrect location for smaug
2018-08-17 Tom HughesRemove role for komodo
2018-08-17 Tom HughesRemove role for vial
2018-08-12 Tom HughesUse postgres 10 and postgis 2.4 on yevaud
2018-08-12 Sarah Hoffmannput pummelzacken in production mode
2018-08-12 Tom HughesPut web site back online
2018-08-12 Tom HughesMake karm the database master
2018-08-12 Tom HughesMove GPX import and daily web tasks to spike-01
2018-08-12 Tom HughesSwitch web site to readonly against karm
2018-08-10 Tom HughesRemove yournavigation role and cookbook
2018-08-10 Tom HughesAdd tilecache role to angor
2018-08-10 Sarah Hoffmannput pummelzacken in import mode
2018-08-10 Sarah Hoffmannput pummelzacken in import mode
2018-08-10 Sarah Hoffmannfix postgres version name
2018-08-10 Sarah Hoffmannpummelzacken: update to postges 10 and pyosmium as...
2018-08-07 Tom HughesUse postgres 10 and postgis 2.4 on orm
2018-08-06 Tom HughesReduce memory cache size on jakelong
2018-08-05 Tom HughesMove planet replication to ironbelly
2018-08-05 Tom HughesMove planetdump role to ironbelly
2018-08-05 Tom HughesRemove wiki role from stormfly-01
2018-08-04 Grant SlaterTeach otrs about site aliases
2018-08-04 Grant SlaterTeach osqa about site aliases
2018-08-04 Tom HughesAdd wiki role to ouroboros
2018-08-03 Tom HughesImprove PDU monitoring
2018-08-03 Tom HughesUse postgres 10 and postgis 2.4 on scorch
2018-08-03 Tom HughesRemove tuning for database disk on scorch
2018-08-02 Tom HughesCorrect name of sysctl variable
2018-08-02 Tom HughesUse pfifo_fast as the default queuing discipline
2018-08-01 Tom HughesReduce squid cache memory on sarkany
2018-08-01 Tom HughesReduce squid cache memory on viserion
2018-08-01 Tom HughesReduce squid memory usage on noomoahk
2018-08-01 Tom HughesReduce nf_conntrack_max on jakelong
2018-07-31 Tom HughesDisable nginx logging on tile caches
2018-07-31 Tom HughesIncrease nf_conntrack_max for tile caches
2018-07-30 Hrvoje BognerReduce cache memory on viserion
2018-07-28 Tom HughesUse new combined upstream for france
2018-07-28 Tom HughesReduce cache memory on noomoahk
2018-07-28 Tom HughesAdd remote hands account to tetaneutral machines
2018-07-28 Tom HughesAdd role for noomoahk
2018-07-26 Tom HughesConfigure PDU monitoring in Amsterdam
2018-07-26 Tom HughesAdd support for monitoring hosts behind NAT
2018-07-25 Tom HughesCorrect internal address for dulcy
2018-07-25 Tom HughesCorrect vlan number for spike-01
2018-07-25 Tom HughesEnable dhcpd on ironbelly
2018-07-25 Tom HughesUpdate upstream role for Amsterdam machines